Decided to join the 29er club and have been testing and reading about and comparing geometries and stashing money away for a while now. I kept coming back to this bike - Felt Nine Race - and today, when I was in the shop, we were talking about it and a part switch, they mentioned a sale and gave me a price. It didn't compute by my math so I pushed and asked them to confirm it. When they did, I said I'd take it. At the register... one last chance. It came up to the higher price (the one my math produced), but the manager said, I can fix that and changed it to the price he had told me earlier. 30 minutes later, I was out the door and in the 29er club!

It's a Felt Niner Race. All XT, Reba SL fork.

First ride today and I love it! What used to be one or two lines are now three or four. Climbs, for a lousy climber like me, seem to take less effort. I'm not ready to give up the 26 FSR yet, but the 29er really does make a difference!