So i got this bike a few months back, built it up, took it to northstar a few days after the build was done, and rode it so hard a got an impact flat and dented the rim. Took it all apart, let it sit there while I got back into Big Bikes, and just recently i decided to get it built back up. my friend and i have been building some fun **** on out local hill, and i decided i wanted to hit everything on my compulsion.

We have a 5 foot drop, and easy 4 footer, a rough 5.5 footer, then an assortment of small jumps (only like 8-15 foot gaps.)

We just recently built a 5 foot drop (and about 13 feet out) that rolls strait into a 18 foot (ish) roadgap.

I got up there day 1 back on my compulsion and said "hey, I'm not going to be a wuss today" so I headed strait into the 4 footer (u actually land about 8 feet down, but its smooth as a baby's ass). I landed short, but still smooth. I decided to really hit it this time. I rode at the drop extra fast, and bunnyhoopped the lip. One look down in mid-air and i thought "I'm flying Jack! I'm Flying!" I thought it wouldnt end well (I went as big as i ever have on my big bike) but i landed fairly nice. My ass didnt touch the seat, and my face was nowhere near the bars, so it wasnt a rough landing at all.

Thats when i decided to hit the 5 footer. Hit it perfect first try. So i did it a few more times (its hellza smooth too.) and decided to go for the rough 5.5' one.

On my big bike the 5.5 drop is hard to carry speed into (its on the very top of the mtn) and i usually case the landing. On my compulsion, i put it in a medium gear, pedaled as hard as i could (there about a 12 foor run-in, then a decent sized rock, then the drop), rolled the rock nice and smooth, then hit the drop nice and easy. Not a rough landing, and i made it halfway down the landing. I then continued to ride that **** all day and hit our full trail.

Toward the end of the day the thought of the roadgap entered my mind. I told myself earlier that i would excuse it for today, but i was feeling confident. I hiked over to it, and hit the starter drop (the 5' down, 13 feet out one). I got a bit shaky on that drop, but it didnt phaze me. I continued to roll towards the road gap, and made sure i could get enough speed. everything looked good, so i climbed back up and went for it right away.

Hit the started drop as smooth as could be, and didnt let my finger go anywhere near the brake. I rolled strait into the road gap, and sent it. Looked down mid-air, felt great, spotted the landing, and nailed it. I then started growling about how that gap "ain't got **** on me man! ain't got nothin' on me!"

Then i hit it again, because i can.

Long story short, it was an epic day, and now i cant wait to go to some real dirt jumps in Reno. I might (pretty slight chance) get to ride some stuff with Cam Zink. It would be cool to show him what i can do on the bike he sold me.

Heres some pics, and a video of what i ride on my big bike. I have done everything in this video on my compulsion as well. Ill get vids of my compulsion riding up later.

Felt made a Solid ass bike. I love this bike. Rides like my Haro Porter, but better. Thanks so much Felt!

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-2.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-3.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-4.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-5.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-9.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-10.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-11.jpg

Getting rad on a 2009 compulsion 1.-ryan-drop-edited-12.jpg

VIDEO of this on my DH bike. rode it all on my 'Pulsion

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