felt roll call

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  • 03-17-2012
    My new toy.....

    2010 Virtue One....got the frame off of ebay and built it up from there
  • 03-18-2012

  • 03-22-2012
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    New black rear wheel, but red bars. Still a bunch of fun to ride. Cant wait to take her down livewire at northstar.

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    sorry, I'm always to busy riding to get standing shots of my bike.
  • 05-20-2012
    My Felt Q520
    Specifications: Sorry My Computer Won't Let Me Post Pictures To MTBR.
    Shimano Deore M590 Crankset and Bottom Bracket
    Shimano Deore M591 Rear Derailleur
    Shimano FD-M310 Front Derailleur
    Shimano Ultegra Deore XT CN-HG93 Chain
    Shimano SL-M310 8 Speed Rapid Fire Shifters
    Tektro Novella Mechanical Disc Brakes
    Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disc Brake Levers
    Felt THC XC Front Tire
    Small Block Eight Rear Tire
    SR Suntour XCT-V3 Front Suspension Fork 100mm Travel
    Crankbrothers Eggbeater 1 Clipless Pedals
    WTB Vigo Performance Saddle
    Bontrager Trip 4w Wireless Computer
    Easton EA70 Flatbar
    Red Oury Lock-On Grips
    S-Works MTB Rib Cage
  • 06-27-2012
    jost got 08 redemptiom frame and build it up ;)

  • 07-19-2012
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    My Felt's
    My first mountain bike and main ride - The 08 Redemption 2 . Picked up used but like new condition about 11 months ago. I've had alot of fun picking up all the nicks, scratches, and dings, My bikes gottem also. My 2nd bike is a 08 Compulsion 2. I picked this up used but in like new condition also, about 7 months ago. I've done a few upgrades and like to have both set up very close to the same. Purchasing almost everything 2nd hand has allowed my to end up with 2 bikes I really love, But OH BROTHER have you seen the 2013 Felt's! Especially the Compulsion's.
  • 08-03-2012

    Heres my Q620
  • 08-03-2012
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    Here is my Q520.
  • 08-11-2012
    FELT Team 9
    Grabbed a Felt Team 9 off Ebay for 3600.00, floor model, just sold the 26r I had because I know ill never ride it again :D
  • 08-11-2012
    Felt Team 9
  • 08-19-2012
    Byke Dood
    :D My Felt nine trail in Illinois

  • 08-22-2012
    2012 Felt Nine Flow, Just picker her up and have loved every mile. Brownsburg, IN
  • 09-12-2012
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    2010 Felt Compulsion 2, Sydney Australia.
  • 10-16-2012
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    My 2011 q620 fresh from a pawn shop:)
  • 10-18-2012
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    My first bike since I was a kid.
  • 10-28-2012
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    My 2011 Virtue....currently for sale
  • 12-23-2012
    Nice bike Stelok, What are your views on the Lyrik? I am thinking of getting a pair
  • 01-09-2013
    Will post pics as soon as I hit the required post count. But have a Redemption 3 '09. Recently swapped out a few parts, so sitting on:

    Hope Tech M4 Evo (Stealth) Front + 203 Hope Saw Rotor;
    Hope Tech M4 Evo (Stealth) Rear + 183 Hope Saw Rotor;
    Shimano XT m771 + Shimano Deore Shifter;
    SRAM X0 Type 2 10 Speed + SRAM X0 Shifter;
    Float R Air (stock);
    RockShox Domain 318iS (stock);
    Truvativ Firex 3.1 Crank (stock)
    22/32/44 on the front ring, since I use it for road riding too - top ring is disposable, pretty much a bash guard on DH/XC
    Stock Rims;
    2.2 Nobby Nic on the back;
    2.4 Maxis Ardent on the front.

    Had to swap the Headset for a Hope 1.5" step down due to rusted bearings. Pics inc as soon as I can
  • 01-28-2013
  • 05-16-2013
    I picked up an 09 Q520 of CL for 200 with a bunch of small accessories (no upgrades to speak of). My first bike since I was riding huffys in high school. I never thought much about the difference between a wal-mart bike and a "real" bike until I got this. I know its an entry level bike, but even at entry level, its a night and day difference.

    I don't plan on doing much as far as upgrades go. My plan is to get back into riding on this and in a couple years (provided I stick with it) I plan on getting a new bike.

    Also, i dont know what the post count is to post pictures, and i may never hit it since i generally dont post alot in forums, but if i ever do i will post picts.
  • 05-26-2013
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    My 2013 Felt Compulsion LT50
    I am in Oregon.
  • 05-29-2013
    No pics yet, but just bought a '12 Nine Elite Carbon, the red one. It's bloody gorgeous! Managed to crash it a couple of times the first time I took it out to Quiet Waters here in So.Fl but it's going to Atlanta next week to be my Georgia bike. 29 hardtail good for there, I think. I LOVE my Turner 5 Spot for the tight stuff I normally ride.
  • 06-11-2013
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    2013 Felt Nine Three. Only things Ive changed are the stem to a -17deg 80mm and the saddle to a Specialized Phenom (Not pictured). Love the bike!
  • 06-12-2013
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    "New" 2011 Edict LTD
    I recently purchased a new 2011 Felt Edict LTD frame on ebay and built up a new XC race bike. This thing is fast! and a steal at the prices that many dealers seem to be selling them at, presumably to make room for the 29ers.

    2011 Edict LTD Frame
    2012 SID XX World Cup setup at 110mm with 15mm through axle
    Full SRAM XX drivetrain
    Magura MT8 brakes 180/160
    Easton EC90 XC wheelset
    Easton EC90 handlebar
    Easton EC79 seatpost
    Easton EA90 stem
    Continental X-King Protection tires setup tubeless
    Speedplay Frog pedals

    22.02lbs as it sits with pedals, computer, hrm, etc

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  • 07-16-2013
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    My '12 Felt Virtue LTD "complete"
    Swapped out the Felt carbon post, stem, saddle, and bars for my preferred Thomson Elite and Ritchey stuff. ~24.8lbs without pedals.
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