• 12-27-2012
    Bought an Edict Nine 50 today.
    I haven't seen much posted about these so I thought I would put something in the Felt thread.

    A few months ago Felt and my LBS (Elite Bicycles) here in Tyler, TX had a demo day. I was excited as I had just started riding about a year before and hadn't rode what I would consider a "real" bike. My wife and I rode the Edict Nine 1 that they were demoing and fell in love. I am a little over 6'4 215lbs and have been riding a 23" Spec Hardrock 29er and thought I loved the bike.. until that day. I decided to try the 20" and 22" frames and was amazed to find that the 20" just blew the 22" away once I got into the woods. If I was out on the road I preferred the extra cockpit space of the bigger bike but in the woods it was drastically slower, I expected to feel little a circus bear but it never happened. I was floored by the brakes, suspension, handling etc etc, it was just so far above and beyond what I had ever experienced. After the Demo day I have been eyeballing the 20" Edict Nine 50 that Elite had on the floor, rode it a few times and knew I liked it but just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. I have been going to the shop a lot lately to fix things on the Hardrock that I bent/broke/wore out and the Felt was calling me every time.

    Well today I pulled the trigger and had them take it straight back and make it tubeless and set it up for me. I didn't even take it home, I went straight to the trail I demo'd the others on and gave it a go. I was afraid I would feel the extra +/-5lbs of the Edict 50 over the Edict 1 but it never happened, it just felt right, you know that feeling you get in your favorite chair or driving your favorite car that was it. Even though the Hardrock and Edict 50 are close to the same weight it was amazing the difference, I never felt the weight one bit, after the ride if I didn't know different I would have told you the Edict was 5lbs lighter. I honestly used my brakes 50% less as it cornered on rails and never left me thinking I was going in to hot, climbs that I would have been a little winded on were easier than I have ever had them and the suspension was amazing. I was so used to standing all the time for rocks/roots that it amazed me how much easier it was to ride sitting most of the time. The trails lately have been covered with gumballs from the tree's/storms and it was like a looney tunes cartoon on my Hardrock, it would skip and slide everywhere. The Edict plowed over them like they weren't there, I know this might seem petty but it was such a drastic difference it amazed me.

    Well thats my story, a beginner tale I know but I am sure everyone was there at some point and can relate. Thanks Felt and a Huge Thanks to Elite for getting me in this bike. It now parks right beside my Felt Z6 road bike and looks at home :).
  • 12-28-2012
    I'm interested in hearing more about your experiences with the Edict Nine 50. I'm considering a Felt this spring myself.
  • 12-30-2012
    Just an update, I took it on one of our local trails for a couple laps and have to say I am absolutely in love. I was taking corners with way more speed than I was before and it never skipped a beat. The bike never let me down once and climbed like it weighs 5lbs less than it does. I put 17 miles on it and feel better than when I put 6-7 on my Hardrock. I find myself braking less and less because of the confidence I have in the bikes capabilities. This was all riding in plain tennis shoes on narrow SPD pedals as I forgot my bike shoes (dumb I know), I can't imagine with the right shoes what it will feel like.
  • 01-11-2013
    Congats man
  • 01-19-2013
    sounds fun. tear up the trails on the new ride!
  • 01-21-2013
    I'm not sure if I want to sell my Nine Race and get and Edict Nine.
  • 01-29-2013
    Still very happy with it, it allowed me to do a time trial I don't think I could have on my HT.
  • 03-10-2013
    Bike broke (chainstay), Felt was horrible to deal with warranty wise and the only way I got my bike fixed was my LBS taking parts off a new bike on the floor. My wife wanted a new bike and we were seriously looking at the Edict Nine 3 but after this I bought her a Spec Camber Comp Carbon. I have 2 Felt Z6 road bikes and my Edict 50 but that is all the money they will get from me ever again. I was happy with the bike (until it broke) but warranty means alot to me and customer service is a BIG selling point as well. I know things break (though I am not an aggressive rider and 2 months from a bike in this price point is a joke) but how a company deals with you after the sale and warranty wise tells alot about them. I wish I had read the horror stories out there before I bought it but thats my fault. Before the "its your LBS" starts they bent over backwards for me and always have but Felt just dropped the ball on this one. I was one of their greatest ambassadors until this episode.

    Trek is having a Demo day next week and I am seriously hoping they take trade ins..
  • 03-11-2013
    I'm surprised to hear about the warranty issue. Felt replaced and upgraded my frame free of charge when I crashed my Nine Sport. If you can, post on their Facebook. They're really good about contacting you directly there to fix any issues.

  • 03-11-2013
    I was suprised as well, I never expected it to be such a hassle. Thanks for the Facebook idea, at this point I am leaning more toward another brand with better service. I updated my original post as I didn't want someone to be in the same situation as me. The hard thing is I still love riding the bike but not enough to fix the bad taste this ordeal left.
  • 03-11-2013
    Hey Bills10HR, Sucks that your bike broke so soon. How long were you off the bike?

    We are a top 5 Felt dealer, and their warranty dept is pretty easy to work with. In our experience, I can say that Felt compared to the overall industry has a lower than average warranty rate, so I doubt this is more than a one time thing.

    It's not unusual for a shop to pull a part off a new bike to replace a warranty part on someone's bike while they are waiting for the part to come from the manufacturer. If someone bought a bike from us and it broke in 2 months, that's normally what we would do. Then we would work with the manufacturer on our time, so the custy can get out and shred.
  • 03-11-2013
    Bike went in on the 19th got back on the 7th after several calls and emails to Felt. It would have been at least another week minimum if I let Felt have their way. To some it wouldn't seem that long but there were other circumstances that I didn't care for in the mix. Being a top 5 Felt dealer I am sure allows you guys more clout than 99% of other dealers, heck I bet its "yes sir" from them with you guys.
  • 09-15-2013
    Well I just had my second failure of the chainstay, it has me wondering if it is because of the brake setup. The brake is in the "V" between the seat and chain stays but the seat stay isn't solid it pivots, this puts all the load on the chain stay. Just a guess but can't really see why else it fails in the same place on either side. I will take the bike in tuesday when the shop opens and see what we can do (they are great). The thing that bothers me the most is I really haven't been putting alot of miles on the bike as I have been road riding 90% of the time and also riding my hardtail. At this point I don't think I want to stay with this bike as it will happen again.
  • 09-25-2013
    Well after both my LBS and I talked with felt it looks like I am going to upgrade the frame. I just can't see staying with this design as its just not working out for me. Felt was easier to deal with this time as well. Everything I have on the 50 should swap over which is a good thing. It will cost me a little to upgrade but the piece of mind will be worth it. This is what I should be on soon.

    Frame Kit Edict Nine LTD - Felt Bicycles

  • 10-03-2013
    I'm surprised you still want to stick with Felt after two failures. Good luck and hope you have a better experience on your upgrade. Keep us posted on your new frame.
  • 02-02-2015
    How did the new frame work out?

    I have just broken my chainstay on the 950 ...
  • 02-02-2015
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    Broke mine on Saturday during a race... Sorry about the dirt...

    Took the bike in today and they are going to contact FELT to see what they say but after reading this post I really dont want the replacement chainstay... What is the point if it is going to break? They obviously have a serious problem with this part globally.
  • 03-15-2015
    Any word from Felt? I'm considering getting one but I'm concerned. I'm probably 155 in full kit so hope not to have issues
  • 09-24-2015
    Thomas Butler
    Any news?