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    2012 FELT Virtue LTD how do you like it?

    I'm about to pull trigger on a med frame to swap my Intense 5.5 Sm frame part onto. I'm novice rider who bought the Intense but feel a Sm is not the right size. Since I only ride a couple weekends a month I'm perfectly fine with my current parts but just need a bigger frame and wanted your thoughts. I do prefer more technical riding vs XC.

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    I have one. I just got it and I have only ridden it about 5 times. I got the complete version, with the full XTR trail kit and Revelation fork up front.

    I came off a 2009 Trek EX 9.8 carbon with Talas 110/130/150 fork.

    The bike is about the same weight as my Trek was (I had upgraded almost everything to XTR on it), at about 24.5lbs without pedals. I swapped out the carbon post, bars, stem, and saddle from my Trek.

    While I was hoping for a lighter bike, I'm happy with the weight considering the frame is slightly more travel (130 vs 120) and the build is more solid (I had some superlight/flexy QR9 wheels on the Trek and the LTD has 15mm maxle and XTR trail wheelset).

    On my first ride I noticed that the Equilink was very stiff compared to my Trek with ABP. It felt like I has the platform lock on, but it was on the "off/low" setting. I fiddled with the Monarch RT3 quite a bit, and it's actually very hard to find information on the best way to set this shock up. Some say to start with a psi close to your body weight, but others seem to have better results with much less pressure.

    I have done a few rides at very low, like 70 psi, but was bottoming out, and recently did one at 150psi (I weight about 170 with gear), but found I only used 70% of the travel. My next ride I will try it a little lower at 140 or so and see if I can get the full travel out of it. Up front the Revelation has me sold and I'm now on the Rock Shox train again. The fork is awesome. I get the full travel and it's superlight and stiff at the same time. I only wish it had the dual-position feature to swap between 120 and 150 travel on-the-fly, but it seems the LTD is set to 130.

    I found that setting the rear shock based on sag seems a little difficult, perhaps with the equilink system counteracting forces. One reason I'm in this forum now is to maybe ask the Felt rep who hangs out here some questions about setup.

    Anyway, I don't find much difference in the shock settings between fully open/off and the platform settings; they all feel kind of the same, which is to say it is not super plush in the rear. that said, however, the rear does not seem harsh either. And I do like the efficiency in the pedaling it gives me. You will notice right away that you are not bobbing at all on the climbs, which is how I felt on my Trek unless I had the firm platform set to On.

    I ride mostly dry singletrack and fire roads here in Norcal/East Bay. There are some nice rutty technical parts of my trails, and that's the part I like to ride the most. I found the Felt to be quick handling and responsive, and while the rear feels less plush than my Trek, I know it must be working as I never feel out of control on the descents. I also feel like I catch way more air on the Felt on the small hits I come across on my trails. That's a cool feeling!

    Let's see, what else...I can't think of anything. Let me know if you have any other questions I didn't cover. HTH.
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    I don't have a Virtue but I do have a Compulsion and a Redemption and both have the Equalink rear suspension. I set both to the recomended sag + or - and they work awesome. Just play with the presure a bit + or - staying close to the recomended sag and you'll probably find the sweet spot for you. I think maybe your just just used to riding a pogo stick with wheels.

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