I got my first fatbike about 3 weeks ago (fun!), it's been snowing the last week (fun!), and now my foot is in a cast for 8 weeks (sucks!) I have time to worry about things and need some advice. I have always carried my bikes on top of the fiberglass work insert in the back of my truck(F250 Ford). I have a Yakima carrier (Blockhead?) bolted on the top of my insert right behind the cab. It uses the skewer on the fork. The top of the insert is about 10 inches higher than the top of the truck box. I've never ran a tray for the rear tire and have used this setup for many years. I know if the skewer ever failed what would happen! I got the Hurricane adapter that goes on my Yakima and has the 150mm skewer. Now I have 2 skewers instead of 1 and the added leverage. Should I be concerned? There is no good way to put a tray on the insert for the back wheel and this truck is my primary vehicle.