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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinkers View Post
    To those who've serviced their own forks, are you using the molykote grease wren recommends on the air piston? Or are you putting slick honey on everything?

    Also, how hard is it to get the bushing back in without a second bushing to push it in with (like shown in the video).

    Thinking about pulling mine apart and regreasing...
    It does not matter much, using slick honey ore molykote. The grease will not stay much there after putting pressure in the fork. It is more important to service the shock a bit more often and also put silicon on the legs.

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    Well I just got done servicing the air side and if I wasn't convinced that the Wren is by far the best fork available before, I sure as hell am now. This fork is far and away easier to service than the bluto.

    I seemed to notice slightly more stiction after my last ride. That coupled with a few other concerns are what prompted me to open the fork up. When I did I found LOADS of grease in there that was fairly dirty.

    After cleaning the old grease off and re lubing slightly less excessively, the fork feels brand new again. Huge improvement.

    Only issue I ran into was when tightening the nut at the top of the leg, the piston would spin before I could get it torqued comfortably. However finger tightening and then adding air to the fork fixed that. I think the load on the piston helps keep it in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLBikes View Post
    Also this is spot on, customer service has been above reproach, great couple of guys, hope they get the bugs worked out.
    They are very responsive, set the standard for customer service, it's really a shame their efforts went toward an inverted fork design. If they'd built a 35mm non inverted fork, Trek might be speccing a Wren. Hindsight is 20-20.

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    My local bike park opened this weekend and rode the Mutz with Wren for half the day. The work worked flawlessly, including full speed down the DH course with Gaps, Tables, step-ups, and drops. Final run of the day down the jump line I passed three 'normal' DH bikes, the Mutz/Wren didn't want to leave the park and pinned it.

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