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    Quote Originally Posted by paul78 View Post
    Anybody have a feel for whats going on inside something like the Shutter Precision Dynamo hub ?? ...
    some pictures of the internals (plus interesting measurements) from a German website might give you a clue (remove the ###):


    Google translation (remove the ###):

    http###:// eue-nabendynamos-im-test%2F&act=url

    Sorry, I'm not allowed to post URLs yet. Please copy and paste the urls and remove the ### I inserted after http.

    Regarding reliability: I would say they are as reliable as any equivalent QR front-hub. There is just some copper wire wrapped around the axle and some magnets glued to the shell ...
    So it goes all down to how well the axle, bearing and shell are designed and built - as for any hub. The better Shimano dyno-hubs have a very good reputation. If you think an XT front-hub is good enough their more pricey dyno-hub should be fine too.

    If you prefer cartridge bearings and a very long track record for an almost endless running dyno-hub go Schmidt.

    The main difference to normal hubs is that all dyno-hubs are practically not serviceable (bearing replacement) by the end user.

    I run several Shimano and Schmidt hubs in the family and for myself and there hadn't been ever any problem.

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    Mine work great at everything but "pushing speed"...the beam tends to flicker/strobe at very low speeds...not untollerable...
    If Huffy made an airplane, would you fly in it?

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