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    Wintertime riding - what shoes or boots and socks do you wear?

    I am a fatbike newbie within the last 6 weeks. Thoroughly hooked! I live in Michigan. The last several years the winters here have be relatively mild, and last year we really didn't have a winter. As a result I was able to stay riding, on my MTB and/or Cross. The temps allowed me to use heavy UA socks and my Five Ten shoes.

    This year is a different story. Colder temps limit this footwear combination to about an hour of ride time. Now that I have a Moonlander, I can ride in conditions and to places that this footwear combination probably isn't appropriate/suitable for, especially if I breake down and need to walk out.

    I use some Shimano MX80 pinned flat pedals on my moonie.

    For those of you that ride regularly in the winter, at temps below 20 degress, what footwear and socks do you use? Is there footwear that still allows some sense of ones foot on the pedal?

    My Cat boots are plenty warm, but do not transmit any sense of the pedal. I'm a size 13 EEE, and I have to be careful because the heel of my boot hits the derailleur with each pedal revolution.

    Care to share what you are doing?

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    Probably should do a search, but check out the 45NRTH Wolvhammers or the Lake winter boots. I have the 45NRTH's and ride a lot in temps well below zero.

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    I've tried 2 different variations with success in both: Mavic summer MTB shoes with Hotronics skiboot heaters, plus neoprene booties, and more recently, Louis Garneau 0* LS-100 shoes. Both work great, the LG shoes are very warm (haven't plugged the heaters in yet, even on a ride where my beer froze. Must need a higher-octane beer). I think the downside to the Mavics is that they need the neoprene booties to seal them against snow, while the downside to the LGs is that their sole material is very hard and is slick in the parking lot and on ice. I'm a 10EEE and sized up the LGs on full size, that seems to work well with wool ski socks. Both work well with a clip-in platform pedal and don't seem to fill with snow. I know some people don't like the cold transmission through the cleat, but the Hotronics mounts in the same spot (under the footbed) and fixes that issue.

    WRT your other post about gloves, I use whatever's sitting on the workbench, from elkskin/thinsulate ranch gloves, to old SixSix1 winter gloves, to large gauntlets. I also bring silkweight liners. With pogies and insulation on the brake levers, I can ride down to about 10-15* with a midweight glove. Yesterday's ride at 35* had no gloves and hands on top of the pogies, so in my experience, they are the most critical element.

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    You should have just started one thread with all your questions

    I have some thinner cheap Sorel boots that have been great for 5+. I wear socks in them.
    I have some thick cheap Sorel boots that have been great for colder temps. I wear socks in them.

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    You can't beat it, Duggus. You just can't.

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    I just use my normal clipless shoes with those neoprene roadie boots over them, warm and dry, was -10c yesterdays and my feet were toasty warm. yes I still use clipless even on the fatty in the winter. I had no issues climbing any hills by foot. They clog from time to time but a few whacks on a tree clears them out. Been riding clipless for so long it just doesn't feel right riding with flats. Even in the deep snow I had no snow get inside these things, they are a pain to get on but I love them for keeping my feet dry and warm. I know I am probably the minority in using this combo for winter ridding on a fatty.
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    New Balance 1000 winter running/hiking shoes, Wigwam real wool socks, flat pedals with lots of spiky things on them have worked well for me in the Mitten this winter.

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    Yeah, -10C isn't terribly cold and about the limit where I can use my lake SPD boots. When it gets significantly below that, around -20C, I have to use flats because the SPD pedals suck the heat right out of your feet. They are too close to your foot, and then it's just one giant metal heat-sink constantly exposed to the cold air, from the pedal to the bike.
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    Not on a fattie yet but been riding my old 26er all winter. Also in Michigan. I'm rolling with Sidi Genius Mega and an old pair of Performance neoprene over boot. Toe warmer packs are the key! Thay get warmer than the hand warmers. I'll probably upgrade to a real boot when the fat bike comes in but you certainly can get by without.


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    I am also form Michigan, i have a FATBACK got a pair of LAKE 303's this year they are a nice upgrade from the summer shoes with booties over them. I have not tried the 45NRTH Wolvhammers just based on the price i got them for. just standard wool socks and i have been good. with the wind the last few days i placed toe warmers just in case, my feet never felt cold.


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    Shimano MW81's and usually just normal mtb socks or wool socks. But I need an insole like the Jaztronaut cuz when it his like 15 or below I start losing heat thru the bottom cuz of the pedal.
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