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    What items have you found riding your fatty???

    Only good thing about working near Gary Indiana is riding the beaches. You can ride all the way from burns harbor to Michigan city with minor portaging over some rock outcroppings.
    Yesterday i found a pair of like new Maui Jim kahuna sunglasses in the sand, score!!

    Found anything interesting??

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    Not sure I'd classify "working near Gary Indiana " as a "good thing"
    but I do like your find
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    Riding the Pugs on the beach I have found a Kong dog toy which my dog loves, in the woods I have found a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. The sunglasses say "not for retail sale" on the inside of the arms so I assume they are from a pro rider or promotional deal.

    My bike commute to work frequently turns up goodies on the highway. I work in a industrial park that is located on a peninsula on Vancouver Island and there is also a major ferry terminal out there. People lose things all the time but they don't go back looking for them because they don't want to miss the boat. I have found three cell phones, two working and returned to the owners. Also a football, lacrosse practice ball, a set of keys(returned to owner), lots of wrenches and tools, 23 bungee cords, and a lawnmower bag that I really needed for my mower. My favourite find was a live 9mm hollow point bullet, my daughter and I traded that for some stickers at the community police station. I have a stack of car magnets and car flags, the flags are all hockey teams and Canada flags. There is very few other riders that use that highway so everything just sits there waiting for me. Tomorrow morning I am going to grab two more bungee cords that I spotted today but I didn't have time to pick up.

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    I don't ride a fatty, but I have found lots of tools on the roadside, a pair of pogies, and a gore tex shell on the trail.

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    Found a zip lock with 20 amphetamine salt pills (Adderall) on the road between the trail and home a few weeks ago.

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    Ive found normal stuff that i would have found on a normal bike but what is fat specific is ive came across a few strange people night riding on the beach, from 2 men standing bare chested in the dark at the waters edge swinging samurai swords and nunchucks to naked chicks skinny dipping.... making a dash out of the water for their clothes thinking its a little roadie bike light, just to be caught in my powerful helmet mounted light making a welcome sight
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    Re: What items have you found riding your fatty???

    Found 2 thorns in my front tie thats all no luck here

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    Quote Originally Posted by stesteste View Post
    Found 2 thorns in my front tire.
    Found one in my rear tire yesterday. BIG thorn.

    On topic, I often find myself looking at the ground and find things regularly. Just recently I found a nice pair of headphones that are an upgrade from what I have been using.

    Another useful find is an adjustable, elastic, reflective sash that I can wear, wrap on my bike or stuff in a bag when not in use.

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    I found some weird glowing thing the other day... looked like a portal. So I blasted my Moonlander right through it. Things got all buzzy and weird for a little bit, and then when I came out on the other side everything looked the same. That is... until I noticed someone in the distance riding a Walgoose holding what looked like a giant machete. "SNOB!!!!" he yelled and about 20 other guys on Walgoose's came riding over the hill behind me! Some of them had flame throwers and others had swords! They were all yelling "Get the SNOB". So I headed straight for the mud by the river and peddled away. All of them got stuck and few broke their bottom brackets... one of them actually exploded into a huge fireball which was crazy!!! They yelled to me that Mongoose would be sending them new ones and then I would get what was coming to me. Anyway... this parallel universe was too much for me so I peddled back through the portal.

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    I found an old steel canon in the woods. It was stuck into the ground and super heavy. Wouldn't even budge when I tried to move it.

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    Too many to list, and all in one place.

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    My buddy lost a Ti spork on day 1 of 5 day fatbike tour we were on. I later posted a tour report and some other bikers contacted me saying they found the spork right where I mentioned he lost it. Then they sent it back to him. Score!
    Safe riding,


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    On the fattie I found a swamp in October with a nice sheen of ice that I thought I could ride. Turns out I couldn't. Ended up in icy cold water and mud to my thighs. One of those situations where it was a toss up whether to go back the way I came knowing I'd have two large and cold stream crossings to make or keep moving forward for a 1/2 mile to the road I knew was there, but not knowing how deep the water would get. I opted to go forward. Water at the freezing point is not friendly to the jewels. Brrr... good thing I was still in town so the remainder of the ride, while cold and painful, was not dangerous.

    That's what I love about Anchorage. You can have all kinds of interesting adventures here.

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