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    What Has Happened and Why?

    How is it that the Fat Bike History thread is no longer a sticky?

    What has happened to the sticky started by Gomez, I believe, on Fat Bike pics for 2012?
    Lost forever?

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    With all due respect to existing stickies and those that created them

    I hope this gets attention. The history and FAQ threads are the most deserving of stickies although the FAQ is pretty dated. Everything else can live or die on it's own popularity and probably shouldn't have sticky assistance in attracting views.

    Above all else, please sticky the history thread, again
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    Regardless of the reason for it (I seems to recall size problems or something), I suppose it might have been a mistake to create the 2012 Pic thread. It would be nice if it could somehow be rolled into the main one. A lot of people went to the trouble of taking and posting a lot of great pics. For that reason alone it be worth having it available, even though 2012 is no longer topical.

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