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    Any Vermonters running them yet? Pretty freakin winter here, eh?!

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    Re: Vee Bulldozer in snow?

    Vee Bulldozer in snow?-uploadfromtaptalk1421960836324.jpgI find not much stops my bulldozer other than ice. I find that warmer snow does stick to them but does not hinder traction or rolling. Great tire in the rear not familiar for front as I run a bud.

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    Thought I'd comment on these tires after a season and a half riding them in snow. I've found that in cold, dry snow they work very well. Plenty of traction and float in the rear. The front washes out a bit in dry snow but probably no worse than many other tires. I've found the front works better reversed from the "suggested" direction. In cold snow, you can ride in up to eight inches of the stuff without a problem.

    However, warmer / compacting snow and slush sticks to these tires like glue resulting in a packed tire quickly. Once these tires pack, you have zero traction.

    So, below about 25F these are excellent tires. In the 25F-35F range, a bit terrifying.

    Non-snow upsides worth mentioning: these are very durable, set up easily tubeless and are not expensive. I think they're a pretty good tire.

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    I got one good ride with the 4.7 Dozers on 80mm rims on my Alaskan, then the season went to ice.
    On a good trail, they're very capable at 6psi. Plenty of float, and good torque wheelies. I love being hooked up on snow.
    On pavement, they self steer if the pressure is too low. At 13psi, they roll fairly smooth and fast. 8-9 psi is fun on trails.

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