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    This thread reminds me, I need to do up a fresh batch of sealant & fill the tires again before I get stuck out somewhere with a flat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alshead View Post
    FWIW, I've posted this elsewhere and I think someone posted it somewhere in this thread, but I've used split tube, gorilla tape, the 3M similar-to-stans tape, and nothing has worked as well as Leading Edge Tape. This stuff is bomber. 4", trim to fit. Can't say enough good things about it.
    I was in the same boat and failed multiple attempts until I picked up some of that stuff. Finally succeeded and only lost a little over 1 psi over a week.

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    Just thought I would update all on the success of this set-up.

    They held air better than almost any other tubeless set-up I have tried. (Original No-Tubes strips, Stans wheels etc) I almost never had to put air into them. I was even off the bike for two weeks and when I came back, the pressures were right where I left them 14 days ago. I must say I was pretty surprised.

    I just replaced the tires with new 120 TPI HuDu's last night.

    - Put on new tire
    - Pump up tube to initially set bead
    - Pull tube out
    - Pump up with compressor, POP!
    - Put three scoops of Stans, do the Stans shake.
    - Checked on tires this morning and still holding 30 PSI

    Time to drop the pressures and go for a ride.

    I think this hybrid tubeless set-up is about perfect so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZipMTB View Post
    After reading through every thread, posting, musing, etc. I decided to give it a go.

    Things I learned:
    - HuDu with wire bead is a PITA
    - HuDu with 120 tpi - super easy
    - HuDu with 120 tpi has VERY thin casing. Long term durability seems questionable.

    Anyway, I wanted a compromise between the tubeless benefits for a fattie (rolling resistance and flats) and what ever I could do to minimize weight. I ended up with a hybrid Gorilla Tape and 3M tape. It looks like I was able to do both with about a 1/2 pound loss in each wheel.

    First I cut the Gorilla Tape (GT) to about 1/2 inch. Then placed one strip all the way around each side to build up the wheel a little and get a good seal for the Rim Strip.
    Attachment 877670

    Then I ran one strip of the 3M tape around each side. I stretched it as tight as I could. Here is one side done.
    Attachment 877671

    To help with the stretching, I placed a piece of PVC pipe between the spokes and stepped on it while I stretched the 3M tape around.
    Attachment 877672

    Finally, I stretched on more strip of 3M tape right down the middle to seal up the seam of the two outside strips. It looked like over time this would be a place to leak. And at about 4 grams per rotation, well worth the insurance.
    Attachment 877673

    After that, pretty standard. Put tire on, aired up with tube. Pop Pop!

    Break one side, remove tube and place Stans valves.

    Turn wheel so broken bead is facing down and blow up with compressor. Pop, Pop!

    Even holds air without and Stans.

    When all was said and done, I saved about 150 gr. per wheel. So, not a huge weight savings, but then that was not the primary goal. Now to go ride and see how she feels.

    Thanks to all for posting up what worked and didn't. First try, about 30 min per tire and 100% success.

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    thanks zipmtb
    that's some great info there and looks super easy with the pics
    nice neat job well done

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