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    Tire Width on a Speedway Uma 50mm

    Does anybody know the width of these tires on a Speedway Uma 50mm rim:
    1. Husker Du
    2. Nate
    3. Endo
    4. Larry
    I have limited space between the fork legs.

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    I'm getting about 89 and 88mm on an Endo and Larry. Haven't tried the others.
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    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start a spreadsheet/database like was done with the wheelset spreadsheet on google docs. Include tire and rim then measured width...average if there are some reporting with the same combo. Seems like the question of how wide is x tire on y rim comes up a lot.

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    Width of the Husker Du on my 49mm Onza rim (should be similar) is 87 mm.

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    Nate x Uma 50mm

    Nate on an Uma 50mm with Paul Whub is approximately 91.8mm by my calipers. (that's from knob to knob...)
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    I got 88mm at the tread @ ~15 PSI for my Larry on 50mm speedway rim.

    EDIT: if you want measurements for skinnier rims as well; the same Larry on a 46mm Echo rim 86mm at the knobs when it was new.
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    Endo on my 44mm Echo Trials rim is 84-86 mm as I recall. Tons of mud clearance in the Enabler fork.

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    A couple of months ago I measured these on my Speedway 50 and got:
    Nate 11psi, 96 mm wide, 29" tall
    Larry 13.5 psi,88 wide, 28 7/8" tall
    Endo 13.5psi, 83 wide, 28 3/4" tall

    The height is a little fuzzy

    Wondering why my Endo is skinnier? Mine's from August '08...

    I just got a Hüsker Dü; I can add a measurement when I swap it out.
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