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    There will be no 170mm SPEEDHUB according to ROHLOFF.....

    I've been riding my 2012 Fatback for over a year now and was considering changing frames/driveline to a belt drive/ ROHLOFF IGH because I love my REEB SS gates drive SS so much. So I sent a quick e-mail out to ROHLOFF to inquire about new product development and the possibility of getting a 170mm version of their IGH in the future.

    What I got back was a VERY quick ( next day) and honest reply. Unfortuneately, looks like us 170mm centered rear end fatbike guys are S.O.L. for now...

    Hi Michael,

    if only it were that simple. The SPEEDHUB uses a 20mm thick hollow axle within which the entire shifting and indexing system for the SPEEDHUB is mounted. It is unfortunately not possible with this design to swap out an axle for a longer one, nor is it safe to convert the axle to this extreme length using adapters.

    The axle itself has a long slot in one side allowing various clutch rings to slide along it. This split however will minimally open up or contract with great forces hindering the smooth movement of these clutch rings and leading to shifting malfunctions - possibly accidents and injuries. I must at this point make it clear that adapting the SPEEDHUB in such a way is entirely at your own risk furthermore, the Rohloff AG will not be able to warranty the SPEEDHUB in question for any shifting issues that may occur as a direct result of this customizing.

    To adapt the SPEEDHUB to a 170mm O.L.D. we would not only have to redesign the entire shifting mechanism unfortunately and additionally manufacture such a large number of new components that the purchase price of this already exclusive product would render it uninteresting for the market. The Rohloff AG is currently producing approximately 20,000 units per Annum and although I see potential for the use of a SPEEDHUB in Fatbikes, the market size does not yet warrant investing further resources into that particular market segment.

    I apologize for the no doubt disappointing news.

    Best Wishes from Fuldatal, Germany.

    Stewart Stabik
    Sales Manager (English Liaison)
    OE Technical Support
    Rohloff AG, Germany
    (*)/ (*)

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    Are you going to try a 135mm offset frame or not bother?

    BTW - has anyone successfully but some hard miles on a 170mm frame using a 135mm IGH with the adapters that Salsa and some other companies offer?
    Safe riding,


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    I've been riding this season on a Muk ti w/ rohloff. Not a whole lot of miles (guessing approx 30-40 per week w/ 500-1200 feet of climbing on snow) but I do stomp on it pretty hard and no troubles at all so far.

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    If the figures are accurate, and there are only 10,000 fatbikes in the wild right now, and of that 10,000, if even 5% have the money or desire to run a rohloff hub, that's a pretty tiny market for the kind of work they need to do. And I'd guess that 5% of 10,000 is pretty high- probably half the fatbikes on the trail today are spaced for 135 hubs.

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