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    Suzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5

    I thought I would post this up as I had trouble finding this info when I was researching fatbikes.

    I bought my first fat bike 2 Weeks ago and I have to say it is a blast. I decided I wanted all carbon to keep it somewhat lighter, the 27.5 wheel size was intriguing me and I didn't really want a super wide Q factor and rear end as I would like to run it as a 29+ bike in the summer when trail-a-biking the kids. Pedaling comfort and sportyish feel were somewhat of a priority. I bought the Suzi Q as soon as I saw it. It is a awesome and fun.

    The Maxis Minion FBFs came on it and I have to say they are a great rolling tire. I was curious if I could squeeze a little bigger tire in the Suzi Q. A little more width would be good for float in the snow we have here in CT now but I also wanted to take advantage of the 27.5 wheel size and get a larger wheel diameter.

    I could not find any info on the Barbegazi fitting on the Suzi Q and published specs by RM indicated it might not. I figured I would give it a shot and I was happy to find out it fits easily. There is at least 10mm in all directions including chain clearance in the big cog.

    Below are some fit pictures. I will get some better pictures as soon as the blizzard snow and 50mph winds die down here.

    Some other size references that might interest folks. These are all on a Mulefut 65sl 27.5" wheel and at 15 PSI set up tubeless.

    Stock Minion FBF 27.5 x 3.8
    Casing: 92mm
    Tread to Tread: 95mm
    Overall Diameter: 750mm

    Bontrager Barbegazi 27.5x4.5
    Casing: 107mm
    Tread to Tread: 110mm
    Overall Diameter: 776mm

    I will try and give a ride report if I can get out tomorrow.

    Some pictures to try and show clearance.
    Suzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5-img_0568.jpgSuzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5-img_0574.jpgSuzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5-img_0573.jpgSuzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5-img_0569.jpgSuzi Q with Barbegazi 27.5x4.5-img_0572.jpg

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    thanks for the useful info and good pics

    those are some tall tires at 29.5" and 30.5"

    hope the nor'easter calms down and you can get outside

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    Those are the Barbegazis on your bike? Looks like they fit fine.
    I like turtles

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    Yes. The pictures show the Barbegazi on the Carbon Framed Suzi Q.

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    Thanks for the pics and the testing. I knew the front would fit but i wasn't sure about the back. I have been thrilled with my Suze Q so far and this just put it over the top. Those will be perfect tires for the snow!

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    very interesting, thanks OP!
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    Will those fit on my -30 Alum. frame?

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    I only have access to my carbon model but RM lists the same limitations on tire size for both Alum. and Carbon models. My guess is it would fit but can't try it for you.

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    Very cool. Thanks for posting. I decided to go with the Blizzard -50 for the sake of better winter performance, but if I'd seen this, I might have made a different choice. Good on you for trying it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tg View Post
    Will those fit on my -30 Alum. frame?
    I work for a RM dealer and when the Suzi-Q came out a memo came as well. Basically there is a bit less seat stay clearance on the aluminum frames so they explicitly said that 29+ does not fit on anything except the carbon versions of the bike. This *probably* means that it won't fit on alloy sadly.

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    any updates on the tire fitment?

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