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Thread: Summer riding

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    Summer riding

    I'm looking at a fat bike for riding more in the summer,fall, and early spring so would the 3.8 tires be better than say 4.6 to 5.0 tires.

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    Most of the tire size depends on the amount of float you need for the terrain you ride and your body weight. I have 4" tires, weigh about 170 with gear and this size tire works for me on rocks and through snow. I do a lot of steep climbs in the snow and I've always been able to air down enough to get traction with this size.

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    3.8" tires on 65mm rims are the ticket for summer trail riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultraspontane View Post
    3.8" tires on 65mm rims are the ticket for summer trail riding.

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