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    Spreadin' the Fat Message - Toys for Tots Fun Ride

    150 - 200 bikes on a 6 mile ride for a great cause this afternoon.

    Spreadin' the Fat Message - Toys for Tots Fun Ride-imageuploadedbytapatalk1352080139.598350.jpg

    Spreadin' the Fat Message - Toys for Tots Fun Ride-imageuploadedbytapatalk1352080159.536279.jpg

    Spreadin' the Fat Message - Toys for Tots Fun Ride-imageuploadedbytapatalk1352080182.897264.jpg

    One Fattie in a sea of skinny bikes!

    Spreadin' the Fat Message - Toys for Tots Fun Ride-imageuploadedbytapatalk1352080291.952125.jpg

    I stood off in the distance and watched other riders come by bike, stare at the tires, take a squeeze, mutter a couple of things to each other and walk off. Often, turning their heads back to look at what some of them thought was a bike out of its element. After a few minutes, I walked up to my Muk while a couple of guys were standing by it pointing and talking about "the tires".

    The usual conversation followed and I offered to let both of them take it for a spin.

    [It's here that I need to go off topic for a moment. I must be unaware of some unspoken rule or protocol amongst bikers that states you can't allow someone to ride your bike. The expressions of disbelief I get from people when I offer them a chance to ride are astounding to me. Am I missing something?]

    The first guy hadn't gone 10 feet before he started laughing like a kid. All smiles! He initially asked me where I ride that thing...snow? I told him I ride it anywhere I want. Like the dry sandy riverbed we had just ridden along. Sand, mud, gravel, single-track, bike paths, streets, Rail-to-Trails, bashing through the woods, literally anywhere.

    2nd guy rode it briefly and noted how going over curbs and such would be a piece of cake for a Fattie. He let me ride his Workman (never seen one before-cool bike), we chatted a bit more and then I left to ride home.

    One of the best things happened when I left. One of the guys I let ride was following me on his road bike and when I got to the first stop light he said that my bike was amazingly fast for a fat-tired bike.

    I think we may soon have another convert...

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    Very cool!
    I had the same experience couple weekend ago, convinced a guy to take a ride, couple minutes later all grins and laughs, loved the fat tires.
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