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    Specialized Fatboy With Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank : lost


    I just bought a crankset race face turbine cinch
    When choosing there were two models. described as (I said I need the length 175mm)

    100/175 or 190/175 ...

    Wiggle France | Pédaliers VTT | Manivelle Race Face Turbine Cinch Fat Bike

    I set up a 190/175 on mine and it seems huge !!! the QFactor is over 230mm !!!! I m obliged to put the spacers origins and those delivered with the crankset ...

    help me !!!

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    Many vendors do not carry all of the CINCH crankset options, and do not describe them adequately. You have to do your due diligence to ensure you get what you need, because there are a lot of options and a lot of fitments. It will require you to know your bike's rear hub spacing, bb shell dimensions, and desired chainline.

    Race Face
    Race Face

    RaceFace has a lot of documentation at the above websites that should help direct you.

    This is not exactly a crankset you can mindlessly buy and install like a lot of other bike parts.

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    thank you for your reply, I understand ...
    But I see on the forums a lot of guys settle this pedal on their fatboy ...
    I just want them to tell me what they have!

    thank you;-)

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    I ran into the same issue. Race Face does not yet list the fatbike turbine. The turbine arms unfortunately have 10 mm more inherent q factor than next SLs. The bad news therefore is that in fact you will have a gigantic 230 mm q factor with your setup.

    The good news, for some frames anyway, is that apparently the 170-style BB spindle ,(ie with 1.5 rather than 11.5 end spacers) combined with the turbines can fit on a190 rear spacing frame. Someone posted that on this forum, but didn't comment on chainline.

    The mystery is why RF designed the turbine arms to have such a wide inherent q factor compared to Next SLs.

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    Is this confirmed? You are saying that a Race Face Cinch for 170 rear spacing will have a q factor of 212? This is a deal breaker if it is true. I have been seriously looking at these cranks.

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