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    Semi DIY 0-20psi digital gauge

    I have been requesting a digital gauge that would read below 3.0psi for the last year or so, but it took our Aussie distributor, James, to make any real progress on this.
    We talked to gauge maker Beto at Taipei last week, and hopefully convinced them to come out with a fatbike specific version of their gauge that would read from 0psi. (sub 1psi will be usable with the new 5.6'' tires)

    James had found out that Beto has a digital 0-20psi gauge for checking pressures of footballs, etc, the Beto CBG-001.

    I got hold of one of these, and while trying to figure out an adaptor, threading, cutting, etc. it struck me that the solution was extremely simple.
    Unscrew the presta adapter from the 3-150psi gauge (the CTG-002) and push the rubber insert/seal out of the brass adapter.
    Then usncrew the needle from the CBG-001 and insert the rubber seal thingy from the CTG-002.

    Job done. Presta gauge that reads 0-20psi and has a release valve as a bonus.
    Drop of super glue might be a good idea to secure the rubber seal.

    Beto website:
    BETO - Product Spec.
    NB: these are often sold rebranded as various brands.

    Shows the 0-20 with the rubber thingy in place as well as the 3-150psi with the various parts:

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