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    Good job! Salsa Bucksaw - DB Inline shock, ShockWiz tuning

    Haven’t seen much related to using Cane Creek’s DB Inline shock on the Bucksaw, so I thought I’d share our experience (actually Mrs levity’s).

    We really liked how the twin tube DB Inline shock performed on “non-fat” bikes we’d owned - much smoother and more planted than standard single piston shocks. The DB Inline also allows for easy fine tuning with 4-way external adjustment of high and low speed compression (HSC and LSC) and rebound (HSR and LSR) damping. How would it do on the Bucksaw?

    Details: Mrs levity’s 2016 carbon Bucksaw is set up with a 100mm Bluto fork and she’s running 26x4 Jumbo Jim liteskin tires on 60mm inner width rims, usually at ~9psi. She’s a light rider (110 lb) so the shock was set to 96 psi to give 13mm sag (30%). No spacers were used in the air can to make the travel more progressive because the split-pivot linkage on the Bucksaw gives a more-or-less constant leverage ratio from 10-100% travel. The neutral factory settings that the shock came with were actually pretty close. Small changes were made in the HSC and LSC settings to make it a bit plusher, HSR was opened some for a bit more pop, and LSR was closed some for a little more pedaling platform. The result was great! The bike rode much better than it did with the OEM Monarch RT3 or with the DebonAir can upgrade she’d tried.

    About this time a buddy who works at a LBS got a Quarq ShockWiz and offered it to us so we could see how a seat-of-the-pants analysis compares to the Wiz’s more accurate pressure sensor. After a 2hr ride over a wide variety of terrain the Wiz gave a score of 88 (out of 100) based on the “Balanced” Tuning Option and recommended further softening of HSC and LSC. She decided to first try just reducing HSC damping another half turn to see what that did on the next ride. The screenshots of the ShockWiz app below show this turned out to be perfect, giving a score of 100 with 100% confidence!

    Final settings, turns/clicks from full open
    (the original neutral factory settings are given in parentheses):
    HSC 0.5 turn (2)
    LSC 6 clicks (7)
    HSR 1.5 turns (2)
    LSR 12 clicks (10)

    The suspension indeed seems dialed in for her riding. The bike is significantly smoother than it was with the Monarch or DebonAir, giving more travel while providing more control. Downhill speeds have increased, and technical climbs have become easier.

    The nice thing is that the settings on the DB Inline can easily be changed to tune the shock for different riding styles (ShockWiz calls these options Efficient, Balanced, Playful or Aggressive, and suggests adjustments to make for each). Not sure how the settings she used will work for heavier riders. The shock air pressure will of course have to be increased to get the proper sag, and spacers may be necessary to make travel resistance more progressive.

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    That's pretty cool. Wonder if you could"rent" a shockwiz ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark View Post
    That's pretty cool. Wonder if you could"rent" a shockwiz ....
    I think that's the concept that some shops are applying to the thing. They aren't going to sell many with the pricetag on them, but if the shop buys one or two, and rents them out for a significantly smaller fee, they'll get a lot more mileage out of them. I'm trying to convince the owner of the shop where I work to do exactly that.

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    Yeah, I'd gladly rent one for $50/week. Likely would never pay $399 to own one.

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