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    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City

    Took the Muk out for my first ride on fairly technical single-track. Haven't ridden much like this trail in nearly 15 years so I was kind of uncertain what to expect.

    Most of the trail was overgrown with weeds and grass (in desperate need of maintenance) with lots of twists, short climbs and lots of trees. The trees were so close that at times my bars would barely clear (less than an inch on each side). The overgrown stuff was perfect for the Muk. Just point down the trail and pretty much drive over everything in your way. Small logs, rocks, and stuff like that (all hidden by overgrowth) were no match for the big tires. Bashing through the woods on a fat bike is great fun.

    What I wasn't ready for was going over obstacles and drops of more than a couple of feet. Needless to say, my skill set is really lackluster so I had some challenges going over logs around a foot high. Getting the front wheel up over was no problem but keeping the sprocket from digging in to the log was a different story. What I'm guessing is that somehow you have to lift the back wheel up (front wheelie?) after you get the front over the obstacle. I've now have a nice rip up the backside of my right leg from my platform pedal pegs.

    Drops - I've done little ones before but some of these out here are around 6 ft. This one was probably close to 4 ft.

    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City-imageuploadedbytapatalk1336276752.642272.jpg

    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City-imageuploadedbytapatalk1336276787.161334.jpg

    Went down way too slow and the back tire bounced bad enough that I rode a good 6-8 ft. on my front tire down the rest of the hill before the back tire settled back down. Yup. I needed to check my shorts after that one. My tire pressure was down probably around 10 psi so I wasn't expecting that to happen. I'm not sure if that type of drop is something I shouldn't try on my Muk or if I just need some coaching.

    At any rate, I walked the other one I ran into on this ride.

    Later on the ride I was able to enjoy the scenery and explore which is more my style of riding.

    Ford County Lake
    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City-imageuploadedbytapatalk1336277772.003875.jpg

    Limestone Bluffs on the Shore
    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City-imageuploadedbytapatalk1336277900.980840.jpg

    Kansas Sunset
    Ride at Ford County Lake - Dodge City-imageuploadedbytapatalk1336277949.668963.jpg

    All-in-all, a good ride, an opportunity to ride some challenging terrain and enjoy the scenery. Now I just need to start picking the ticks off of me. Thankfully my wife is patient and willing to help!

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    glad to see your out enjoying the bike and scenery.
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