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    Rear derailleur recommendations

    Hey all,
    I'm looking to replace the rear derailleur on my pugsly...any recommendations? Also, is it usually advisable if you replace the derailleur that you replace shifters as well?



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    what is the reason for the derailer replacement? That will help guide the people with opinions to share

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    I have x9 rd and x7 shifters on my bike. Works great and reasonably priced. I say replace both.
    Also, when someone asks a question on here, why do so many respond with more questions? Annoying

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    x9 med cage.
    plus+, plus+ = win:

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    LBS says that it is wearing out. I ride the crap out of the pugs as it is my only bike. Lot's of miles in the summer...100 mile rides...
    It currently has the original derailleur that came with the 2010 Snowblind....

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    If you switch from Shimano to Sram, the shifter indexing will change, so you will need different shifters if you want to use the indexing feature. Also, I don't think a sram bar end shifter will mount on a paul's thumbie designed for a shimano, or vice versa.

    edit: I have read that with a slight mod, or even without the mod, it is possible to use a Sram 9 speed shifter with a Shimano 10 speed derailleur on a 9 speed cassette, so you can get a clutch style derailleur to work on a 9 speed cassette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvphatty View Post
    x9 med cage.
    Med cage for 2 ring set-up, long cage for 3 ring.

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    if you want to keep your shimano shifters, i got a 9 speed year old xt on chain reaction cycles for 67 bucks.

    but if you've put so many miles on it that your rd wore out, your shifters might be soon to follow.

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    I've been happy with shimano xt rd's .
    But you really need to stick to the same brand of shifter you have, unless you want to replace both.

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