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    From pug to moon

    Hey all! I'm thinking about getting a moonlander frame to replace my pugsley frame. Will the stock pug wheels work on the moonie frame? And if so, then would the stock pug cranks and bb work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nope, Moonlander is built with a larger offset than the Pugsley. If you want a Moonlander, you're better off buying a complete bike.

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    Any crank that will fit the Pugs will fit the ML. However, unless it's a special crank like the MWOD or OD, the chain will likely rub the tire in the lowest gears on a ML with proper ML tires.

    This is pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that the Pugs wheels could be redished to use on the ML. Spoke length should not be a problem. If you play around with a spoke length calculator you will find that hub width or rim offset makes very little difference. However, you might find that rims narrower than Clownshoes will have the non-driveside spoke nearly vertical. Not so good.

    So I suppose I didn't really answer your questions with a good ol' fashioned yes or no, but maybe there is a nugget of useful knowledge in my ramblings.

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    You might be able to put the wheels in a truing stand and push the hub over 10mm - but that's a long way. Check freespoke to see what the spoke length difference would be.

    Also, you would have to get the moonie length MrWhirly axle. Pugs length puts the crank arms where the chainstays are. Got a 1/2 price deal on a Pugs MWOD crankset. had to buy the moonie axle.

    All other components should fit/work.
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