• 01-29-2012
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    Origin8 OR8 Devist8er 4.0 tire
    Anyone running this tire or have any info on it?

    OK - update - I found some info at Product Preview – Origin8 Devist8er Fat-Bike Tire | FAT-BIKE.COM

    Looks like it will be standard on all Origin8 bikes this spring. It is 60tpi - so not as supply as the 120 Innova's.
    Then again - it's 1/2 the price...

    Still anxious to hear if anyone has run them in the snow.
  • 01-30-2012
    1830g for kevlar beads- yikes. And I thought my Nate was heavy.
  • 01-30-2012

    Originally Posted by deuxdiesel View Post
    1830g for kevlar beads- yikes. And I thought my Nate was heavy.

    Over 4 pounds for a single tire? nice.
  • 02-03-2012
    Nurse Ben
    I have been running a Larry for the past year, not a bad tire overall, but I found it lacking when things got technical, sidewall is a bit soft and the casing is really not all that substantial, and the tread really doesn't grab hold. Granted, it is a snow/sand tire at heart, but some of us like to use our fatties for hard surfaces and on clay :D

    When the Nate and HuskerDu came out I was hoping they'd have a more robust casing as well as a beefier tread, but alas they appear to the same casing as Larry, so I decided to throw out the cash and be the first person on my block to have a Devist8er:

    Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, how can a unicycle compare to a bike? Well, in a way a unicycle uses these tires harder than a bike because we have all our weight on one wheel, so what works for a uni is a good test for what works for bikes. I ran my Larrys with a Maxxis 26" DH tube, it's 450gm of rubber, so heavy, but it helped support the wimpy Larry casing so that I cold run low pressures (8-10psi) without too much sidewall fold.

    In the Devist8er I find that the DH tube is a complete overkill as this tire is one burly ride! The extra weight, approx 350gm over the Surly Larry, is all about support. A full kevlar bead and casing, combined with a thicker rubber, makes this tire the anti Larry. If you ever felt like the Larry was prone to snake bites, you won't have that problem with this tire. Out of the box it feels like a DH tire, casing is closer to two ply than one ply, molding is excellent, rubber quality is top shelf, tire pumps up esilly and the bead set perfectly.

    In terms of trail performance, the tire has a distinct ride, due to the flatter center tread it has has less wandering than the Surly and doesn't suffer from autosteer as much as Larry(steering into the downside on off camber slopes). What is unique to the tire, in part due to it having a strong casing that holds a shape, the Devist8er has a distinct edge transition that lets you know when it's ready to turn; you can roll it over and feel the tire engage the edge.

    It is a heavy tire, 1813 gm is what mine weighed out of the box, but I would not say that I can feel the extra weight when riding, in fact it feels like a more compact tire than the Larry and when cranking I feel like more of my effort goes to the ground versus being lost in floopy ruber. In terms of dimensions, it is a hair shorter than the Larry and just about the same width. I find that I can run a lower pressure due to the more substantial casing and when riding firmer conditions I have less bounce than the Larry, in a sense the Devist8er is more damp and so it rides smoother. Traction is better than the Larry as you'd expect, but I'm not sure how it compares to the Nate or HuskerDu.

    For the price I got on Ebay, $59.50 delivered, this is a great tire for those who use their fatty for more than snow and sand. Note that there is a wire bead version that lacks the kevlar, is a 100-150gm heavier, and ~$10 less expensive. Honestly, I'm sure it's a fine tire, but the kevlar version is worth the extra $10 :rolleyes:

    More pics:

    Fat is the new Black!
  • 02-05-2012
    Key point on these tires...they have a full casing Kevlar belt and a second Kevlar belt in the middle of the tread. SUPER durable. Are they light NO! However, if you have an ice pick and want to try to poke it through the tread it will be a struggle. If durability is the criteria, these win.
  • 02-05-2012
    Nice; "Woman, make me some supper while I take pictures of my tire".
  • 02-06-2012
    I can tell by the sidewall markings that you like to land right foot forward.
  • 02-08-2012
    Nurse Ben
    Yup, I'm a righty :D

    Running a lighter tube, a Maxxis Freeride 26 x 2.2-2.7 (1.2mm), works great, only 296gm, so saved 150gm over the Surly.

    This is a very beefy tire, nothing so far can touch this tire in the fat world, this is the one you take over sharp rocks when you're worried the Larry will get cut.

    The thick rubber seems like it would be nice for a tubeless conversion, but considering that a 300gm tube works well, I don't see much of an advantage unless you like the feel better.

    I rode last night on the Devist8er, loving it for the traction and the support, great all around tire, not sure what I'll do with Larry, I guess he's for sale.

    I think Vee Rubber could make a light version of this tire, but I wonder if that would wimp it down and make it more like Larry.
  • 02-09-2012
    Team Honeybadger
    Nurse Ben, that looks awesome - what type of unicycle
    is that and where did you buy yours??? I have seen a handful of people on our local trails in NEPA on unicycles but never a PHAATTTTT uni!!!! Not sure if I could do it or if I should do it ....how many years have you been riding the uni and how did you get started???Although heavy that tire might become a "go to" tire if we run into problems up here with torn sidewalls - hasn;t happened yet but.....
  • 02-09-2012

    Originally Posted by schmenzer View Post
    If durability is the criteria, these win.

    I can't seem to wear out a fat tire [I'm talking Endos] - low pressure and wide tread seems to wear so slowly. Personally durability isn't high on my list of priorities for a fat tire.
  • 02-10-2012
    Nurse Ben
    That's a Nimbus Oregon, built and sold by Unicycle.Com, it is a beast, heaviest uni I have ridden at 17.5#, but it has a disc brake, a burly wheelset, and kills it on tech stuff and in the mud and snow. My daily driver is a KH 29 with a 2.4 Ardent, but when it's slickery I pull out the Oregon.

    For sure, those fat bike riders who do more than snow, mud, peat, etc...the Devist8er is a rock eating machine, easilly the most hardy fat tire made, and at those prices you could get two for the price of one Larry and then just swap them out in the dry months instead of burning up your snow tires.

    It may snow here this weekend, so I'll get a shot at riding snow on the Devist8er.

    Running 8-9psi depending on conditions :)
  • 02-12-2012
    Jon Grinder
    I have been commuting on the Devist8ors, for the past week, here in Denver. The added grip of the knobs, compared to the Innova Spyder treads on my other bike, is welcome in the snowy/slushy stuff. But, I feel like it takes a considerable amount of extra effort to roll on the bare pavement. I can't comment as to weight, etc, as these are the only tires I have had on the Mukluk, so I have no basis of comparison on the same bike.

    I plan to use these tires off-road, this summer, and I hope that the extra grip makes up for the added rolling resistance.
  • 03-01-2012
    I like them, But at 9lb/wheel and 38lb total weight - I'm looking to replace at least one of them on my Pugs.
    Looking into whether Floyd has the grip I need for the front only.
  • 03-02-2012
    Leopold Porkstacker
    OK, so now that it’s been established that the Devist8or is a decent tire for technical riding and kicks the Larry in the walnuts, how does it compare to the Nate? I’ve been running a Nate front and back, and I ride my fatbike (9:zero:7) mostly on technical trails with rocky/loose/muddy terrain—can anyone chime in with a comparison between the Nate and the Devist8or??? The price of the Devist8r is attractive to me, as the Nate (27tpi version) costs $90 new and my rear Nate is going to need replacing soon (600 miles or so of trail riding).
  • 05-01-2012
    So, where the heck do you get these tires?
  • 05-01-2012

    Originally Posted by wrkgstiff View Post
    So, where the heck do you get these tires?

    Because everyone is waiting for the new UltraLight UL version of these tires to come in, delaers are likely hesitant to stock the orig. heavier version 2 right now.
    You can go to the Origin-8 website to find a dealer in the US, or, if you are a Canadian like myself order them on Ebay when they come up again.
  • 05-01-2012
    Nurse Ben
    oooh, there's an ultralight version coming, mmm, might have to get one of those :)

    This has been a great tires, rode it all winter, took it to Oregon for spring break and had a blast. Granted it's big and heavy, but when you're talking 4" tires there is really nothing that'll make it a "spirited" ride.

    My son rode it Sunday, had no complaints other than he'd gotten out of shape and was sucking wind. I do so love showing my son how it's done :D
  • 05-01-2012
    I've been wondering, do you use a brake on a unicycle just for hopping around or can you slow down with it too? Seems like a hard skill to learn. Not that just riding one of those things doesn't look hard ;) Fat makes me want to try it a lot more.

    Any experience with the 2 speed hubs?

    36er sounds like a good idea for an off road unicycle too.
  • 05-02-2012
    Just noticed the Vee Mission 26x4.0 is showing up as in stock in the California warehouse on the J&B website but still no update to the Devist8er
  • 12-15-2012
    judging by the beefier construction of this tire, it might be perfect for a medium long travel full suspension fatbike. If they are already doing well in downhill races with the sandman with just front suspension, how about an El Guapo with a redesigned rear linkage(if necessary) and a pair of these, with maybe a risse racing dual crown fork, and some 80mm Wienmann chopper double wall rims. Anyone know how much clearance the rear chainstays have on the El Guapo already?
  • 12-15-2012
    Futon River Crossing
    1800g - I'm out!