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    Quote Originally Posted by keyhavenpotterer View Post
    Cool new colours due in soon. 3000 tires due in the end of the month.

    where can we get the colored ones?!!!

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    Hi guys, and thank you for the interesting feedback.

    I still don't get though why something like this:

    is impacting a rim (painful) design like this:

    (which I think should be closer enough, if not equal, to the OnOne rims).

    I mean, the side-step is the main problem, not having a "flat bed" like tubeless-ready rims usually have.

    Question is the risk bead moves over this gap with low pressure is really high, so my guess is the material you put leave space for the tyre to move, and to come back in place if this occurs.

    I second that, but I am wondering if a tighter spot in the bead area won't solve the issue avoiding all this material in the center... or, even better, if just two stripes of material on the side of bead channels would directly stop the tyre from moving on low PSI in the first place...

    Any guess/test on this side?

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