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    on one fatty with BIG FAT LARRY'S

    thought i would post a few pics with the bfl's ,bought for the summer trails and keeping the fat look and better rolling ,these are lighter than the flaoters also with surly tubes 420 grams compared to floaters 600 odd grams ,
    i am liking the look will update on performance on weekend when i get chance for a ride
    before with floaters

    20130329_130457 by stephen fz45, on Flickr

    one floater one BFL

    20130418_180504 by stephen fz45, on Flickr

    20130418_190117 by stephen fz45, on Flickr

    20130418_184008 by stephen fz45, on Flickr


    20130418_190231 by stephen fz45, on Flickr
    more clearance than it looks on rear

    20130418_190157 by stephen fz45, on Flickr

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    BFLs roll surprisingly well. Plan on getting another set once mine are toast! Enjoy the ride! Looks good!

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    That is seriously a good looking bike! Even more now with the fatter fat.

    Quote Originally Posted by stesteste View Post

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    This is a very valuable post, in that it clearly shows the differences in the two tires. You can really see the relative aggressiveness of the tread, which is quite useful info. I am still amazed when I look at my two Fatties, one with HuDus and the other with Nates. It is fairly stunning how massive the Nates look in relative terms, and yet it is my assumption they are made on the same casing because they are the same actual shape and size. The difference is merely in the tread blocks.

    Thanks for posting! I might like to grab a set of BFLs for summer to get more roll and counter some of that Fat mass!

    Hey, while you're at it, how do you like the steering on this machine? And with the two different tires? I'm curious about the extra fork rake and how it works.

    .... and yes, they are a handsome ride!
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    I have been running BFL on front and rear for a month or more. I am running typical eastern US single track. You will give up traction but they do feel like they roll well. A bit more lateral slip on the rear wheel in hard cornering. Fron seems fine. Running abut 7.5 psi fron and 8 in the rear. Best compromise for comfort with little to know self steer. If psi of the rear get up to 9 lb I loose climbing traction in the rear on leafy, pine needle or loose climbs pretty easy. Good tires. Might not be the optimum rear tire IMO. It is so expensive to test try other tires. I might stick the endo back on just to try it out.

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    Re: on one fatty with BIG FAT LARRY'S

    just noticed when looking at pics if you look at the table in the pictures you can see how much taller the BFL are compared to the floaters.. so overall circumstance is substantial. for those interested
    psi same in all tyres

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    What is a real width at the rear tire, have you measured it?

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    I like that your slowly losing the weight in the tubes so you can keep it off. It would be a shame to binge and put it all back on, still I think you could lose another 300g at least!

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    Imho BFLs are a under rated summer tire. If not a ton of traction is required they do a pretty outstanding job both on and off the road. Still my go to tire but might try a knard someday.
    And I love beer!!

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    thanks for posting... I will definitely mount up a set on my Fatty once I burn out the floaters...

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