• 02-04-2013
    I've switched to bmx platforms for winter use as my SPD cleats pack up in snow in minutes.
  • 02-05-2013
    Another fan of flats in the snow here. After my first snowy ride on the Pugs I diverted via my LBS for a set of flats. Bought their cheapest ones as snow is sadly only an occasional visitor here.
  • 02-05-2013
    I also use platforms and by platform I think it is always important to point out that most of us mean a bmx style with the large surface that has little screw/spike things not an old school cage pedal. The big platform and spikes really connect you to the pedal. That all being said with warmer shoes like the 45nrths coming out I bet I will be on some Times in the future.
  • 02-05-2013
    I got a good deal on the Crank Bros 5050 3 platform pedal... and it has been working awesome in the snow. It has an aluminum outer cage and then a poly inner cage, so it's been really durable and hasn't packed with snow.

  • 02-05-2013

    Originally Posted by buckfiddious View Post
    I've got an older set of the crank brothers Mallets. I love them because they are the best of both worlds- they've got the huge platform and pins of a regular platform pedal and a crank bros clip in the middle.

    If you don't hit the clip, there's still a giant pinned platform that will grip your boots like an angry badger.

    Another badger vote for the older Mallets. They shed snow like a champ and don't look so bad either. I've had the cleats plug with icy mud once, but not anything like the experience I had with SPDs...there's just no place for the snow to go with the SPD design.

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/revolutioncycles/8414244085/" title="Raceface Atlas Fat Bike Cranks by Revolution Cycles Madison, WI, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8376/8414244085_7ea791543e_m.jpg" width="240" height="179" alt="Raceface Atlas Fat Bike Cranks"></a>
  • 02-05-2013
    Wet sticky snow is the worst, I have even clogged up some platform pedals. I currently am going to try the new 45 north helvas.
    For clipless I like eggbeaters for not clogging, but i have had a couple of them self-destruct on the trail, so I bring a rebuild kit whenever i bring them.
  • 02-05-2013

    Originally Posted by coldbike View Post
    Wet sticky snow is the worst, ...

    I'm a little surprised this hasn't come up more in this thread. SPD does work fine if it's good and cold and the snow is pretty dry, or if it's right about freezing and it just slides off the pedals and cleat. Seems like the middle ground is what clogs them.
  • 02-05-2013
    ...sure...but Times rock it all...
  • 02-05-2013
    I haven't had an issue with SPD's. Try kicking your cleat across the pedal so they glance off each other. I was post holing this past weekend and finally got to a point where I could ride again and had ice balls on the cleats. A few kicks and my cleats and pedals were clear.
  • 02-06-2013
    To each their own I used flat pedals with straps first, then my wife bought me a set of SPD’s what a different. I have them on all my bikes. I looked at egg beaters for the cleaning reason so I ask around and they also have their problems. But I do think clip less advantages out weight the negatives. With clip less you have to have a technique to clean them before trying to clip in. I always tap my toe on the end of the pedal before trying to clip in. But if that does not work I just rake my foot back and forth, if that does not work just stomp them in especially when its icy. SPD’s are tuff only in mud have I had to stop and clean them out.
  • 02-06-2013
    bad andy
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    (Truth be told, I haven't ridden clipless since 09 when I switched to flats)
  • 02-09-2013
    Yet another vote for Time ATACs. They clip in every time. They release on demand every time. And though the cleats are brass, they last a very long time.
  • 02-09-2013
    Waxing shoes has improved ride quality significantly. There is some initial buildup while the shoes are warm, but they don't require manual intervention.
    Once the shoes got colder performance improved a bit more, it's actually possible to clip in after a quick tap to clear the shoe.
    Wax used was regular Carnuba paste wax, nothing fancy.