• 06-28-2013
    long time necro-pugs owner... need to upgrade some tires (HELP!)
    So I've had my pugs for well over a year now and ridden mostly on harder stuff, like taking the baby out for a family spin:

    and doing some light XC/ trail riding before I built up my Niner. but mostly hardpack as the soils here don't lend themselves too well to wet riding.

    I was able to take my pugs to the beach this past week and I loved every minute of it but I noticed that my worn out Endomorph rear and Larry front tires lacked some grip and either had a tendancy to spin/ wash out in the soft stuff.

    What type tires are you other beach bums running? I have until September until my next trip, but I typically go 2-4 times a year and plan on packing the bike from now on. also what type of chain lube/ protecatnt do you run, I had a little too much fin in the waves/ surf, and even though I hit it with freshwater religiously, I've got a little rust and some creaking that I can't get rid of

    I was thinking Big Fat Larry up Front and a Nate in the back, I'm open to other suggestions too.

    Here are some gratuitous beach bike shots for your pleasure:

    The road less travelled:

    Galveston Island at sunrise (5 miles from home already)

    for beach lovers:

    for neutral people:

    for fatbike lovers:

    Thanks ahead of time for the advice!
  • 06-28-2013
    I have the same bike. I just added a Big Fat Larry to the rear and a Bud up front. I think you would find your beach excursions got easier with more float. I'm loving mine in the Nevada sand so far!