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Thread: Jumbo Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam1367 View Post
    Also, I saw a picture of partially studded tires, but has anyone tried studding cental rows as well?
    I love the Jumbo Jims and would buy a studded Schwalbe fat tire if they came out with them in a heart beat.

    I've studded and used jj4.0's, and they're my wife's primary winter tires when there's not a lot of snow. They work great, but there is no studding the center tread, not enough depth.Jumbo Jim-schwalbes2.jpgJumbo Jim-schwalbes1.png

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    So you are just drilling a hole in the tread block and pressing them in w the tool?

    They are the studs w the wide flat and inverted "T" bottom?

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