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    Ideal spoke tension for different fat bike rims

    This may be posted in other places, but can anybody share their wheel building wisdom with me. I'm building some Schlick Northpaw rims for my Fatback, and I'm wondering about the ideal tension for the spokes. This may be a good place to post spoke tensions used for any rims for fat bikes(Umas, Northpaws, Surly rims, and any others) I'd love to know what is recommended for doublewall vs singlewall rims. Some people are posting that they are using 100kgf or a bit more. This seems high to me, especially for singlewall rims, but I'm no expert. Any thoughts? Please share.

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    I've built three or four sets of Rolling Darryls and a Pair of Marge Lites and I've come in at 90-100kgf by the time I think the wheel feels right.
    The Surly rims may be single wall but they're not frail.
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    On-One Fatty wheelset, 70 mm wide single wall rims, came with average tension of 100 kgf. I just made the tensions even and am leaving them at 100.

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