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    Quote Originally Posted by benswift View Post
    Brooks B17 can't go wrong. the special is even better.
    agreed, I have a b17 on every bike I own

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    EXCEEDINGLY subjective topic, obviously;

    It is no accident that WTB has gained a great rep for making good MTB saddles.

    I got lucky. My first real MTB ('02 Fisher 2+ Disc) had a WTB Laser Ti on it and I have not looked back. It was INSTANTLY comfortable. I still have it! Obviously well made, tough & durable, and exceptionally comfortable to me. I am a large person, and it fits my parts. It has a very nice rounded profile for technical riding, and is large enough for lots of positional change without being too wide or sofa-like.

    I have and can use the Rocket, but I do not quite care for the whale tail kick up on the back as I like to slide back and forth a lot, and even sit back on the rear edge of the saddle when I'm getting tired. The rocket is more a one-position saddle. The rear lip snags my clothing more easily than the Laser profile. It is also slightly smaller overall, and very marginally disappears up my butt. If you are of smaller-to-average stature and sit bones, and do not need to slide on & off the saddle all the time, this one may work well for you.

    The Pure V falls somewhere in the middle. It is larger than the Rocket (close to the Laser), and with similar shape, but does not have quite as much of the whale tail kick up as the Rocket does. I still prefer the Laser, but the Pure V is pretty close.

    My Freeride sled has a WTB DH saddle on it, No one is likely to consider it for a trail bike as it is heavy and feels like it is 3' long, but it is very comfortable.

    In short, I can ride pretty much any WTB saddle and not die of discomfort. That says a lot to me. My only real gripe ever with WTB is that I've got a Laser CroMo that I broke a rail on after only a month or so. One of these days I should get busy and see if I can find a replacement rail, because the seat is virtually new!
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    I heard 45North's fat bike specific saddle should be out soon.

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