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    Hold On! (Part II) V Rubber 4.0" Fat Tire??

    Sorry, no images, nothing specific yet, but I have it from Eurobike that V Rubber, (now having tires designed by former Kenda honch Jim Wannamaker), is showing a 26 X 4.0 fat bike tire.

    It just gets more and more awesome.

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    This is going to be a great year for fat bikes! I hope this new product momentum keeps going.

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    Devast8er 4.0" tire by Vee Rubber

    Well, it was at Interbike, and I rode it. It came on a complete Origin 8 Crawler fat bike complete with a Nuvinci hub. I'll start another thread on that.

    This tire rode and performed well here at Bootleg Canyon. Good off road tire in the rocks. The profile is flattish in the middle with more rounded edges.

    I was told it weighs more, (as in a lot more), than the current offerings, but also that it will be a lot cheaper too. Like waaay cheaper!

    Should come in a folder or wire bead. No ETA as of now on this or the bike.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hold On! (Part II) V Rubber 4.0" Fat Tire??-dscf8222.jpg  

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    Interesting. Looks like its sits inbetween the Nate and the Husker Du. Not as aggressive looking as the Nate not as fast looking as the HD. For those building/using fatbikes for primarily winter snow. It would be nice to have a budget trail tyre.

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    I kinda like it. I just wish it was a proper weight. It'd be a good tire to stud though.

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    I like it. Looks a lot meatier than Nate. If it comes in 120's I'd buy a set. A lot has to do with the compound ( for me ) I want a hard compound that wears well. Surly doesn't fit the bill in that regard imo.

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    looks fun...

    also had a mold of another tire coming soon...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hold On! (Part II) V Rubber 4.0" Fat Tire??-301969_10150453085354968_609824967_11078158_724985727_n.jpg  

    Hold On! (Part II) V Rubber 4.0" Fat Tire??-304143_10150453085524968_609824967_11078165_1979840172_n.jpg  

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    Looks like a pair of the folding version is in Colorado for some testing. These hold some promise, Good to see other companies committing to wide tires.

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    tread looks very usefull, keen to see quality and ride reviews.
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