• 12-02-2012
    Help with German Answer Flame setup
    I just took delivery of my shiny new Sandman Hoggar Ti. I was a little disappointed to not receive any user manual or setup guide for the Flame fork (in fact I received no documentation for anything). i am quite experienced with setup of Fox and Rockshox forks but am a little worried about just fiddling with the Flame fork. I have grabbed screen shots (see below) of the various adjusters. Could anyone that has any experience with the Flame fork offer some setup advice.

    The two caps on top of the fork unscrew... I assume they are air pressure for each fork leg???

    The other adjusters are on the bottom of the fork. The little red knob on the left leg has me confused. Any ideas...

    Any help from those in the know would be appreciated...
  • 12-03-2012
    You can get a pdf manual from Sandman, send them an email.

    The short version:
    Looking in riding direction:
    The left top valve is for "system pressure", is to be 6 bar and upwards, controls compression damping.
    The top right valve is negative air spring.
    The bottom right valve is positive air spring.
    The red dial is rebound damping.

    According to a German:a engineer the fork needs running in because of tight PTFE bushings. Therefore you need less negative air to start with to avoid stiction. Eventually it is supposed to be somewhat higher than positive air.

    I am 70 kgs and I currently use:
    System pressure: 6 bar
    Positive air: 3,5 bar
    Negative air: 1 bar
    Rebound: fully open (minimum damping)

    Edit: I initially found my fork to feel slow and over-damped, but with the setting above it feels ok and works very well. I think fat (heavy, bouncy) wheels puts some different requirements on the damping characteristics. I still fail to get more than about 70 mm out of the maximum 85 mm travel. Considering I ride XC with no real steep mountain trails I think it may be perfectly logical, some reserves are left for the big drops I never do.
  • 12-03-2012
    Thanks edicviz for your help. I contacted Sandman and they emailed me the document straight away. Your settings will be a great starting point for my tinkering.