We got 3-4" of new snow yesterday, I did a few laps around the yard last night and conditions were great for the fatty. We've got another storm on the way tonight which will probably put the snow too deep for bikes (but great for skiing!). I've got to work tonight, so no night rides for me.

I figured I had to seize the opportunity, I moved my schedule around a bit and got an hour and a half of riding in at lunch time. It was sublime - the snow was pretty dense so there was very little slipping - I had to keep my balance through corners and watch my weight for climbing, but I ended up doing no walking and only dropped my feet a few times. It was like riding a smooth carpet, very nice.

Some nice corners (if you can find them amongst the shadows):

I gave a half hearted attempt on the log rides, tough to make corrections, so rather than try, I just hopped off when the time seemed appropriate:

The end of the ride was a steep, usually very technical descent. Today it was smoothed out considerably and the corners were a drifty - very cool. Nothing better than pulling your bike out of a two wheel slide at speed.

The hardest part of the ride was turning back to the car.