I was visiting a friend in Gainesville, Florida and stopped by Bikes and More to check out a Mukluk as they are the only Salsa dealer in the state.

I rode a 17" Mukluk 3 frame they built up and while I don't remember all the components I do know they had a Fat Larry in the rear and a Big Fat Larry in the front using Fat Sheba rims. I have been reading up on fatbikes for a while now and still I was not prepared for how wide those tyres are in person.

While I couldn't do a full trail ride like I wanted I can say it was a very fun experience. I was kind of glad it was a short ride as I don't know if I could have driven home with that stupid grin that was forming on my face. I can't wait until I get a chance to ride one of these monsters again or get the money to build my own now that I have a better idea what size I need. On a 17" Mukluk 3 frame and I was sitting on the seat or the top tube. I had no clearance for the boys.

Anyone in West Central Florida want to allow me a ride on their fatbike? A beer bribe would not be out of the question.