Bought a Fatty about 2 months ago. Its been fun but with the lack of snow this year (Germany) Ive been thinking about selling it and getting a dedicated AM style 29r or 650b hardtail to compliment my Ibis HD. Then I remembered the Not Fat wheel set and it got me thinking. Keep the frame and add a suspension fork, so I guess my best options would be a 48mm offset tower pro or a XF trance at 51mm, BB height would obviously rise due to A/C, but that might be good given the pretty low BB numbers with the fat wheel. Given the slack 68 degree HT, the extra A/C (slacking it further), would running a 29r fork b/w 46-51mm offset be that bad? The other option would be running it 650b with huge Conti MK2s in 2.4 (closer to 2.5) but offsets are even lower on the 650b forks. Thoughts? This way I could still do some snow ridding if/when we finally get some of the white stuff (revert back to stock).