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    Quote Originally Posted by d4nt3ch View Post

    As basic as she is, I'm loving my '16 Rocky mountain blizzard 10
    I have the same bike (though you got yours at a better sale price than I did!) I only have three rides on it on account of having a few teeth pulled shortly after I got it and then the weather going all melty/rainy, but the rides I did get on it were awesome! Really hoping the weather either melts everything or drops below freezing and snows so I can get back out again.

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    Fatbikes under $1000 bucks

    Well let me add the Raleigh pardner. Steel frame, 4" tires, neon green, bolt on wheels. 9 speed shimano alivio drive train. Triple front crank.

    Having had a chance to ride and play with this bike my initial reactions are good. I took the time to properly lube the joy tech hubs, and with them lubed and adjusted the spin very nicely. I did add a adjustable stem on because I need to be up a bit more.
    Also I tend to replace all cable hanger clips with zip ties.
    I wanted steel, it's a nice bike for steel in my honest opinion. Seeing these for about 799.00. If you are fire/ems you can get it cheaper. I got mine for 540.00 shipped. Pm me and I'll tell ya how.

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