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    Quote Originally Posted by d4nt3ch View Post

    As basic as she is, I'm loving my '16 Rocky mountain blizzard 10
    I have the same bike (though you got yours at a better sale price than I did!) I only have three rides on it on account of having a few teeth pulled shortly after I got it and then the weather going all melty/rainy, but the rides I did get on it were awesome! Really hoping the weather either melts everything or drops below freezing and snows so I can get back out again.

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    Fatbikes under $1000 bucks

    Well let me add the Raleigh pardner. Steel frame, 4" tires, neon green, bolt on wheels. 9 speed shimano alivio drive train. Triple front crank.

    Having had a chance to ride and play with this bike my initial reactions are good. I took the time to properly lube the joy tech hubs, and with them lubed and adjusted the spin very nicely. I did add a adjustable stem on because I need to be up a bit more.
    Also I tend to replace all cable hanger clips with zip ties.
    I wanted steel, it's a nice bike for steel in my honest opinion. Seeing these for about 799.00. If you are fire/ems you can get it cheaper. I got mine for 540.00 shipped. Pm me and I'll tell ya how.

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    I've been riding a Motobecane Sturgis NX since October 2016. I weigh 270 lbs and have been riding the thing hard. BMX jumps, Moutain bike jumps, hitting the skate/bike park with my son, all kinds of trails, rock crawling, trials riding, you name it. The only issue I've had is the Novatec rear hub. It would pop and slip sometimes under power. Well and I broke the stock KMC chain, but I think that was due to it getting sucked into the wheel once.
    So far it seems to be an excellent bike.
    The only mods I've done is to put better brake pads on, and change the stem.

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    I bought this Fuji Wendigo 1.1 aluminum last fall and rode it all winter in SW N. Dakota. Coldest weather I've ridden it in was -10f with a -30 wind chill (twice). -30 with wind chill is my self-imposed limit. Anything colder than that and I'm on the spin bike in the basement.

    I was torn between medium and large when I bought this because some of the standover issues it seems a fat bike can have (I normally ride a large full susp., which suits me well). I went with the medium and it was a little tight before I added a Ritchey 20mm set back post with saddle slid back and wider with only 4 degree sweep Spank Oozy bars (stock were 9 degrees) -- and now the bike fits me close to how my large full sus does. Also ditched stock seat for a WTB, which I do with ANY new bike I get. Have also added mud shovel fenders. May upgrade wheels/tires at some point just to cut some rotating weight, though I must say I actually like the Bulldozer tires quite a bit for all around riding.

    Bike retailed for $1350 but got it for $995 on sale and using some performance points I had built up. Not the fanciest bike in the world, but has been a great intro to fat biking. I think it has really nice spec for the price, even at full retail, with XT rear, Deore shifters, X7 front, salsa hubs etc. I guess the places Fuji cheaped out were the Samox crank (though it's been fine so far), and my biggest complaint, the Tektro hydro brakes. I replaced the front rotor with a Shimano RT66 (not shown in pics) as I couldn't adjust or get the stock front rotor to run quiet or true to save my life.

    I am now hooked on fat, am lusting after a Bucksaw carbon or Farley 9.8 EX. Fat is definitely where it's at!!
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    A semi off-topic question: thru all these is there a top 3 under 1k? I've got my eye on the mongoose just because I'm liking the pricepoint... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadman13 View Post
    A semi off-topic question: thru all these is there a top 3 under 1k? I've got my eye on the mongoose just because I'm liking the pricepoint... thanks
    I'm not sure if there are any rankings for the under $1k fatties; best advice I can offer is read the forums and form your own opinions. This thread is unfortunately pretty dead if you hadn't already noticed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marna_Kazmaier View Post
    So? What do you think LBS pay for their Dealership and Bikes? The LBS make enough money to stay in business, pay rent, insurance, take home paychecks for how many people? And everything else.
    Pretty much guarantee that most bike shops send more of your money to Uncle Sam than they pocket.
    The most expensive bike in the world is still cheaper than the cheapest open heart surgery.

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