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    Fatbike Weight Weenies

    I know you're out there- let's see your setups! post up pictures & specs!
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    I gotta follow this one! I'm not a full fledged weenie but I do have a goal to be under 30 lbs on my mukluk 2. Currently at 31.66 lb now (includes cycle computer, pedals and cage) and have been trying to find the best way to lose the extra 1.67 lb to meet my goal.

    My current setup is:
    2013 Mukluk 2
    1x10 w/Pauls chainkeeper and 32t NW chainring
    Tubeless (2 wraps gorilla tape each wheel, 3 scoops stans in each... holding air for 2+ weeks now)
    TIME Atac XS pedals
    Elixir CR Brakes (185F/160R G3 rotors)

    Thinking Carver obeast fork is next. Then next season an x9 short cage type 2 derailleur and take the Pauls off. Lighter chain/cassette when the stock parts wear and i should be at my goal.

    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert. I just like building and playing with bikes. Looking forward to seeing what some of the other guys are doing... might save me some research time!

    Current picture. don't mind the wheel-strap... its ready to go on my bike rack before i leave for work in the AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniTrail View Post
    there is a build thread listed in the "Photo Thread index" sticky at the top

    Bike specs with pics
    you a funnnneeeeeee man!!
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    ^^ Not a lot of people posted weights in that sticky though. I think the OP was looking for a similar thread, but focused on those who like making a lighter bike.
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    There is this thread: Lightest Fatbike

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