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    Faster of the Three

    Of the three which is the fastest rolling, least resistance tire?
    I am looking for personal experience.

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    Faster of the Three


    Larry by quite a bit. The Dillinger is pretty fast and has a bit more cornering grip than the Larry. The Knard can be made a little faster by going to a narrow rim.

    I run 70mm Uma ll most of the time. My narrow rim is around 40mm. I ride tight trails with lots of rocks. roots and lots of off camber stuff. I do have 90mm Uma ll, Fat Sheba's and Marge Light's and have done quite a bit of swapping around. I use the Ride With GPS metrics (and sometimes Strava KOM's)to confirm or deny my seat of the pants findings.

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    I have tried all three on snow--Larrys and Knards only once each, Dillingers are one of my main winter tires. The Dillingers seemed fastest, but the snow was fairly soft the one time I rode with Larry tires, so I am not sure I got a good sense of rolling resistance. .

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    I should have been more specific. I don't do much snow ridding. These would be for my wife's bike for an alternative to her very aggressive NATE's. We plan to do a couple gravel, fire road type races next year. mtuck1 has Floydes but I want a little more traction than that.

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    I had my black floyd's out on the dirt and was amazed how much traction they had from hard pack to loose sand , I think all we really need in the summer is a fat renegade type tire
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    I'd say get all three when you can

    with the fat fleet you have you'll find use for them
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    The Larry is pretty fast with higher pressures. And, my wife thinks they are fast.

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    The Larry (actually bfl) is still my go to tire in the summer very fast and still plenty o traction in the dry stuff.

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    The Floyds are great (as long as it's mostly dry) and they love gravel! As I said before, in the race I did this summer the top two fat bikes were on Floyds, and it wasn't that dry.

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