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    Do folding Big Fat Larry's come in a box?

    I ordered some folding BFLs to lighten things up. The distributor whol listed the folders at 1200gm sent my dealer a set. They were laid full out in a huge box like a wire bead, and they were 1485 and 1475 grams. If it looks like a wire bead, and scales like a wire bead, it's a wire bead.

    But do the folders come in a box like a Bud and Lou? I've seen some data, but what are most people seeing them weigh in at?

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    I only have non folding BFL's but I do have both in 3.8 Larry size. One is for sure a folder and one is for sure not. The folder is 20 grams heavier, sigh.
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    Does it fold up?

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    Here's a page that has BFL weights - Tire Weights for Fat-Bikes | FAT-BIKE.COM
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    The answer you're looking for is no, it comes in a helmet.

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    Just fold it, if it folds, it's a folder, if not, it's junk.

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    and if it fits in a box bury it.
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