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    Chain Catcher


    I have a 2012 Surly Necromancer that I converted to a 24 tooth single ring up front. Unfortunately, the chain has a tendency to slip inwards off the chainring. I am looking for a chain catcher that is compatible with the 100mm of the surly as well as the 24 tooth chain ring....suggestions?

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    Isn't that what the wolf tooth front rings are for?

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    Maybe, but I have the Mr Whirly cranks still on with their ludicrous bolt center diameter that Wolf Tooth don't make a size for.

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    Have a local metal shop cut you a piece of aluminum with a hole in it and bent to fit up next to the chain. I had this made for my full suspension and just converted to 1x up front tonight on my Moonlander. This swapped right over from my other bike. It works more as a chain guide though than a chain catcher... but it definitely doesn't allow the chain to fall off.

    I mocked the size up with a piece of cardboard first, then traced it on paper.

    Chain Catcher-camerazoom-20140205185914258.jpg

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    I have the same bike and used a Pauls Guide.

    Needed to grind a touch off to clear the crank. Never have had a the slightest problem with chain or guide since the day it was put on. Needed to order the long arm option.

    If I was to do it again I'd try a wolf chainring, but what I have works fine.
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    This is a less beefy option, but worth a mention. On an old bike, long ago (running 1x7) I had this issue and used a spoke as a chain catcher. I bent one end into a round hole that was attached on the seat tube bottle cage mounts with a washer and bent the rest of the spoke over to get very close to the chain and then down and around the bb shell for support. I don't have any pictures, and it wasn't super strong, but it worked well and had a simple look...and it was free.
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