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    Quote Originally Posted by deuxdiesel View Post
    Hardly a fail when he's full up for the next 3-4 months building custom artwork that happens to have wheels as well.
    me believes so as it took yet a 2nd email to get a reply and based upon my inquiry together with a project he has yet to adventure into for a guy that does CUSTOM artwork the very least he could have done is engage into conversation about the project, timeline etc, etc. he had no way of knowing i could wait 6 months and up to a yr for completion, so yes bad communication.

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    From Bruce Martin of 38 Frameworks:
    "The head tube and seat tube angles are 70.5 and 73 degrees. Effective top tube for a medium frame is 23.75 inches and 24.5 inches for a large frame. There is no specific fork the frame is designed for but we have been using the Carver carbon fork on our test bikes. Weight for the medium frame is approximately 3.5 lbs. The rear triangle is asymmetrical and designed for a 170 mm rear hub. This provides clearance for 4.7 inch tires on an offset rear wheel (10.5 mm to the drive side)...4 week lead time for new frame orders and pricing is $2,400 for frame only and $2,600 for a frame / Carver carbon fork package (based on availability of the fork)."

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    sick bike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdundee View Post
    They said the crank spindle was welded. I hope they have better luck than I did, it was pretty hard on the Frank n Beans when it broke.
    I wonder who you got that pic from sir

    The bike was nice in person
    It did not have the same look as a molded bike because it was constructed by wrapping carbon at the joints to create a lug, kind of like the bamboo bikes
    the bike was a prototype and he said he was working to get a smoother finish
    the owner of the bike is going to install xx1 on it when it becomes available

    I am slow therefore I am

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    Carbon Fatbike

    It is only a matter of time. I am thinking that the moisture would be hard on the carbon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caseybuck View Post
    It is only a matter of time. I am thinking that the moisture would be hard on the carbon?
    Canoes and canoe paddles can be made from carbon fiber. I don't believe that moisture would be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sylus View Post
    Isn't a carbon fat bike a bit like putting a light weight jumper on a fat girl?

    Carbon rims? That's where the real advancement will be.
    Still cleaning my Fatback.
    It's a life style.

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