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    Bluto vs. 2nd Bike for Summer

    Hi everyone - couldn't find a spot for an introduction but love this forum! I'm a road rider that recently got the itch to start trail riding and just picked up a really clean 2014 Trek Farley this winter. I live in Minneapolis and the snow riding has been a blast.

    Last week, I took the Farley out for the first couple non-snow trail ride and it worked great, but it did beat me up a bit so am thinking about putting a Bluto fork on to soften the ride up a bit I think my back will thank me in the future!

    The cost for getting one put on is around $600, so Im weighing this against just buying a second decent bike for summer the used market in Minneapolis is quite lively so $600 can go a ways! Anyone faced the same dilemma and any thoughts? Thanks!

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    I'd also check out a 27.5+ fir summer riding. I've run the Bluto in the past and sold it after burping it several times.
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    I am still trying to sell a 120mm Bluto off my fatbike. If 120mm works on a Farley, PM me, please.

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    I live in the Lake Superior Basin in the summer time annnnd... have done the Bluto thing on a Mukluk - it was cool, but what was cooler was building a 27.5+ set up for that bike ;-)

    The Bluto leaves something to be desired and... The Farley is a FUN ride, lose some rotational weight for the summer and you'll be flying.

    If you are poised with getting a fork for that bike, I would suggest looking at the Fox Float 34 650b which can accept 4" & + size tires. Its buttery smoove - but you will need to rebuild a front wheel with a 110 hub ~

    All that chatter, makes getting another bike seem a little easier n+1, eh? But think about what you're looking to accomplish and what you like to do on trail. It's slick to have one rig with multiple options, which is the world we seem to live in now.

    Best of luck in the 612!

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    Having had a Bluto, I vote 2nd bike. I was not very impressed with the Bluto (I sold mine). I also feel that a trail bike made for trail is always a better bet than a fat bike dressed up for trail.
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    I like to have 2 trail ready bike for summer. Trail riding is a lot more demanding on bikes and mechanics, so I often found myself without a bike for while, waiting for a broken part replacement. That was a major argument to buy my Salsa Blackborow... Oh and also the fact that our non-riding season is a least 5 months!!

    I have a proper trail bike (FS carbon 29") but my Blackborow fully rigid is really fun to ride in summer too. I just bought a lighter wheel set to run with Jumbo Jim 4.8 tire. It's such a different ride from my FS bike that it's really fun to go from one to another too. I just don't ride it the same way, but mostly in the same trails...

    If you could find a 27.5+ hardtail with front suspension, could be a good option cause a new wheelset and fork for your Farley will cost you a lot...
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    Ideally I'd like to have an n-1 bike for both winter and summer, but it'd be something like a OTSO voytek that was built from the ground up for that purpose (and I'd run it in a plus config over the summer).

    In practice though I agree with above poster, I appreciate having both bikes in the summer in case my primary summer bike is down for maintenance or if I have people visiting and want to get out for a quick ride. No comparison in terms of speed though, my FS 29er is way, way faster in dry conditions.

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    I did a bluto on my fatbike for winter and I have a trailbike. I like riding the fat bike on snow and any time the trails might be marginal. I'll also grab it occasionally when riding with my wife.

    Honestly, whenever im riding my other bike i don't miss my fatbike.

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    I'm in Mpls area and agree, plenty of options on used parts. This coming year will be my 2nd summer with a Bluto. It's definitely a compromise making a fat bike a year round bike, no getting around it. If I had room for a second bike I'd have a 27.5+ tho. I don't tho, so I have a Bluto and some 27.5x50mm wheels. It lowers my bb quite a bit tho, which sucks. However, I rode a buddy's El Mar the other day and have no desire to ride skinny wheels again.

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    Second bike with full suspension; front suspension alone will still beat up your back.

    Look for used plus bike like the DeVinci Hendrix, $1250-1500.

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    I think that 27.5+ vs fat comparison depends on details...
    Will I ride low-spec alu 27.5+ hardtail instead of full carbon bluto fat with quick tires like JJ? Obviously no. And on the other hand similarly specced 27.5+ will ride almost the same... So why to bother?

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    Unless there is a storage space constraint, I vote 2nd bike. No hassle of swapping wheels, adjust brakes, shifters, etc. Just grab and go.

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    I rode rigid for two summers and got beat up and I am older. I got another fat bike with Bluto and rode it two years and it was better but still got beat up. Last year got a plus size longer travel full sus. Did not get beat up and found the plus sized tires could be run at low pressures and have all the grip of the fat that we love. So I vote second bike.

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    I'd say 2nd bike. I was in the same boat and looked into the bluto for my fat bike but unless you already have 150mm through axle a wheel will be needed to do it right. I ended up picking up a Jamis Dragonslayer Sport for a couple hundred more than what i would have spent on upgrading to a bluto. Personally i don't like riding with suspension in the snow so that was a motivating factor as well.

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    I believe there will be a new fat fork coming to the market soon that will be wa better than the Bluto and prolly cheaper.

    That being said I'm a firm believer front suspension or not that fat bikes are not that enjoyable to ride in the summer I vote get another bike. I mean it's fun for awhile but at least for me the novelty wore off.

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    I own a Trek Farley 7 and a full suspension Reign for summer. The Farley is a proper trail slayer, both summer and winter. Add a dropper post and you are good to go. I enjoy riding it as much as the FS bike. I ride it different, but its a very fast and capable XC bike no dought. It easily out climbs and has unlimited grip.

    If you get the psi correct you wont be beat up as much. I run 6.5 front /7.5-8.5 psi tubeless on singletrack in the summer. Only time I want front suspension is when I am going over 40km/h downhill on a rugged trail.

    Also, a fast rolling tire makes all the difference in the world. The stock Trek/Bontrager Barbegazis are outstanding tires. (similar to Jumbo Jims) Anything more aggressive and you are over-tired, dramatically slowed, and a lot more beat up. (If you run very rugged and rocky terrain, that is a different story).

    However, I love my Farley so much in the summer, I am looking at build a set of 29+ wheels and put a 29+ pike or Manitou Magnum on it. The bike will be similar to a Trek Stache 29+. Here is a good discussion on converting fat to 29+:
    Let's see your fatbike 29+ Plus conversions

    If you go the Bluto direction, look at the Wren fork or wait till Sea Otter in April; the Manitou Mastadon is rumoured to be released and speced on the new Trek Farley. Details:
    Manitou Mastodon?

    Good luck. I think regardless of your decision, you can't go wrong
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