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    Bash ring for stock Muk?

    Looking for a bash ring to bolt up to my stock Muk 3. Since the snow we were supposed to get (12-15 inches) turned into a dusting, awesome, I am hitting the trail more. The slightly lower bottom bracket worries me, don't want to kill my big chain ring until I decide if its going to stay or not. Any bash rings that will bolt up to my crank/ring?
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    Salsa might have used different cranksets, so the following may only apply to ANDEL TMS1 cranks like the ones that came on my recent 2013 Muk 3:
    A 104x36T Race Face Offset Bashguard is the right size and will fit under the crank arm, but the standard chainring bolts go into flat bottomed recesses in the spider, so the surfaces of the spider that the bashguard would rest against are tapered/contoured, which is not a good mounting surface.
    One solution might be to machine flats into the spider but I didn't want to void the warranty on the bike right away.
    I ended up machining some stainless spacers to go into the chainring bolt recesses to hold the bashguard out far enough to clear the tapered area of the spider. You then need longer chainring bolts, but I couldn't find a stock length that worked right so I ended up using 12.5mm ones and shortening the male half a bit.
    I'm a little concerned about the chainring bolts/spacers taking all the force of a rock strike with this arrangement. When REPLACING an outer chainring (as intended) with this type of bashguard, the machined lips are supposed to take most of the force.
    I'm still thinking about alternatives because I'm not totally comfortable with this approach, but the bashguard does have a couple of dings in it already so it must be doing something, and the bolts haven't loosened or broken, yet.

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    Seems like a tougher question - integrated bash/chainrings are typically for 1X setups.

    My preferred option is loose the big ring, swap on a bash ring sized for your middle ring.
    Here's why:
    -You can always put the big ring back on.
    -You're not actually going to use the big ring in deep snow.
    -It will actually raise your clearance
    -it's stronger than a bash ring with spacers, which would be needed if you keep the big ring.
    -your big ring will stay nice and undamaged on the shelf for when you need it.

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    I'm not up on all the technical details, so I'm not sure if this will work for your cranks, but I use it on my Truvative 2x crankset and it works great. Comes with special chainring bolts that suspend the bash ring in front of the big chainring, over the spider. Blackspire - Defender 120BCD 2X | Blackspire

    Bash ring for stock Muk?-bsnewdefendergrdx0.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithcreek View Post I'm not sure if this will work for your cranks...
    Sure looks like it would work because that's pretty much how I ended up mounting the RaceFace (I didn't run across the Blackspire when looking for alternatives). THANKS, seeing that a major manufacturer has used this mounting arrangement makes me more confident it will hold up, as I really don't want to give up my big ring!

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    This is for the '13 muk with the snow isis cranks? If this bashguard fits lemme know, I want one.

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