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    New question here. Any thoughts on these SIKK fat tire cruisers?

    Just looking for a cheaper fat tire bike to cruise up and down paved roads with.

    Any thoughts on the SIKK bikes?

    I'm sure they are just cheap China stuff but wondering how they would compare to something like the Mongoose Dolomite, Malus or Juneau bikes?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm curious why you'd want a fat tire for this as opposed to a slightly larger tire of a cruiser?
    The fat tire is generally going to have more rolling resistance, and thus harder to pedal. If you're just cruising, I'd go for less effort?

    Now, if you were going to be venturing onto sand or something, then it's totally justified.

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    My fatbike is a daily driver and pedals just fine. No complaints regarding being harder to pedal. Just more fun to ride regardless of where I ride.

    As for the SIKK bikes, the website shows em looking like Walmart specials. Go with a Framed or something of better quality and performance as you'll actually enjoy the ride enough to actually get out and ride.
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    Thanks, thinking about ordering a Mongoose Juneau and turning it into a cruiser.

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