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    Any reason not to use DT Revo's for a wheel build?

    My thinking here is that the flex point is a bit mute given the low pressures and compliance our tires give. They are cheaper and lighter than Supercomps. Am I goofy to consider this? I feel like someone has to have some experience here. FWIW, the rims will be a pair of schlick 47's or RD's.

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    I've been riding on a set of wheels I built for around 6 months now. Marge Lites + Hope Fatsno + Revo's. The wheels have seen roots, rocks and all varieties of dirt. No broken or bent spokes or any other issues so far. I cannot detect any flex. I'm around 155 lbs for the record. YMMV. I'll also note that I've built exactly one other wheel in my life, so I'm no expert.

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    How much does it weigh?
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    GFS with giant holes in them... low tension... black Revolutions... Allow nipples... Hadley hubs.

    2 winters on my wheels, LOTS of wheelies... nearly every ride I do wheelies all over the place. Have done some light trail riding in the summer.

    The nipples aren't even seized on them, I use grease on my spokes when I build wheels.

    Wheels are still perfectly true, as much as a GFS can be trued anyways, can't really avoid the extruded flattish spots that come from the factory.

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