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    Another Tube Thread! (for Clownshoes)

    Been riding with Specialized 2.3-3.0 tubes for a while and saved a lot of weight with the switch. Lately though there's been some talk of Schwalbe SV 13F tubes, which are 2.1-3.0 but considerably lighter.

    Has anyone tried the Schwalbes in a Clownshoe and BFL, Bud, or Lou?

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    not quite the same, but i got a schrader valve 24x3.0 schwalbe. pretty much just wanted the valves for a shrader tubeless set up. i did try to inflate my lou with it to see what would happen: it inflated too round, so it filled the casing, but not the bead area, so the tire didn't quite seat. it didn't blow up though. what did blow up were a 29er tube, and a regular 1.95-2.125 specialized. i have a presta and a shrader specialized 2.3-3.0 in my lou's for now. once i get an O.D. crank (or can't wait any longer) i'll do the tubeless switch.

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    so i rode last night with the spec 2.3-3.0 at 6 psi in the front, and 7 in the rear. the front popped off its bead seat at some point. same deal as the 24, the little tubes just blow up too round.

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