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    13 Mukluk and Bluto

    Ok, so I am admittedly lazy this morning!I have my parts ordered for my Mukluk and was trying to figure out how much slacker the head angle will be once this bike gets Blutofied!
    Stock with enabler fork = 69.5 degrees with 468 a-c length
    Bluto 80 mm =491 a-c length
    Plus new headset lower=12 mm
    So we have a 35 mm difference in length and a 6 mm difference in offset plus I use bud up front pretty much all year round which is about 30.5" on a holy rolling darryl.
    Is it safe to say 1 degree slacker ? And how will the different offset effect all this?
    Thanks In advance

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    Don't forget that you will have sag in the fork when you actually ride the bike. I think, though I am not sure and I couldn't find good numbers anywhere, that the 491mm a-c length on the Bluto is fully extended.

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    Here is the salsa chart!
    13 Mukluk and Bluto-rs_bluto_salsa_fit_chart.jpg

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    I'm admittedly lazy this afternoon with my response. It's safe to say that it may be slacker. Offset? Effect? Meh, I'd ride it.

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    Doing this causes autism.

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    With a Bluto set at 80mm with 25% sag you will slacken it out about .5 deg due to the lower cup. 20 or 25 mm (can't remember) equal about 1 deg.
    And I love beer!!

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